Resale value of a stamped item?

  1. Hi all,

    I bought a Damier Keepall 55 with strap back in August (which I LOVE) but I haven't used it once since. I've been thinking of selling it since for the money I would get, I could probably afford a plane ticket to Italy :wtf: lol.

    Anyways when I bought it, I had the luggage tag heatstamped with my initials and I was wondering how that would affect its resale value? Should I even consider selling it since I love it so much but I barely ever have a chance to use it?

  2. if you ask me I personally would advise you to KEEP your keepall (even though it is not my fav. luggage piece), I mean... *if* you do sell it and get your plane ticket to italy, then umm... what are you going to travel WITH?!?!? Oh right, you sold your keepall lol:p

    Edit: forgot about the hot stamp question lol, ummm no, I don't think it would devalue it... If you do end up selling it, the buyer can always go to LV and get a new luggage tag for about 50$ and voila, no initials!
  3. ^^^^ :true:

    Or.. if you do plan on selling it, perhaps keep the luggage tag and don't include it in the auction?

  4. :yes: sound advice from very wise people:smile:
  5. I think you should keep it.
  6. I think that if you are sure it's going to be sitting in your closet sell it BUT keep the luggage tag, you can always use it with another bag or luggage. I truly believe that an experience like your travel to Italy is worth much more than a nice bag that you don't love in your closet.