Resale value of a Chanel Cerf Tall Tote (no shoulder strap) ++

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  1. Hi, I am wondering what you would value a black Chanel cerf tall tote (black/silver) at? No shoulder strap. Excellent condition, no sagging, scuffs, etc. Retail is $3k

    I am not selling or buying, but I have been looking and I don't see many of the tall ones. Only the east/wests. Their pricing is all over the place as well.

    Thanks for your thoughts! :smile:
  2. If you are not buying or selling, you want to know what value you would place on this bag why? I would suggest you check ebay sold auctions as well as other sites to get an idea of what price the bag is currently giving at auction.
  3. Because it's not in my budget now, but I am looking for the future. Is that so wrong? I can't spend thousands on a bag. I plan for months- even a year- ahead of time. This bag is high on my list in terms of meeting my needs and I know nothing about it in terms of the pre-owned avenue.

    I checked Fashionphile, Yoogis and ebay (current and completed) listings but unfortunately there wasn't much available information in terms of pricing. I only found information on the east/west.

    Thank you for your thoughts :smile:
  4. Try ebay completed sold auctions (advanced search) and you should find some. Also check on Malleries. Yoogi's Closet you'd have to use the "way back machine" to find a cached page of the sale as they take off the prices once sold, but if you know how to do this, you can find them. The prices may go up in some months depending upon if Chanel raises prices. Good luck.
  5. 2012 Retail price for the Tall N/S Cerf Tote was $3000.
  6. Way back machine worked! Thank you so much! I had no idea about it's existence. I had found an identical one on Fashionphile but it had sold. I copied and pasted the URL into WBM and it showed up as it being on sale for $2795 in March 2013. Wonderful! I am thrilled!

    Thank you so much! :smile:
  7. I saw a brand new black one sold for $2300 in 2013.
  8. That would be about right because I find FP to be slightly higher than the average market

    Thank you! Where did you find that one?

  9. It was on Posh when I was contemplating on buying it too. I couldn't find the listing anymore. The seller probably deleted their account.
  10. You are so welcome. That thing comes in handy soooo much! :smile: Do remember that Fashionphile prices are always high, so if you are looking to find one, you should be able to find one for much less if you look around. :smile:
  11. Somewhat of a digression, but does anyone know if any store has the N/S cerf still in stock? I'm looking for one, and many places still have the jumbo size from the same season.
  12. You might need to contact a SA from Chanel, Saks, NM, Nordstrom (and have them each search their system of stores) and BG as well. Best of luck.