Request for a Dalmatian Fob

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  1. Since Dalmatians are a coaching dog, I feel like Coach should make one! Here's a photo of me and Sparks then Reno and Navvy.


    Dals and Coach go together :P (sorry for the old/bad photo!)
  2. I can request a Chihuahua fob ... because I love them so much and you can fit them in a purse if you want!!
  3. ooh I want request a Labrador in black :smile: and dont laugh lol but I want a duck fob as well,
  4. hey I would like to request a chinese crested dog fob also, while we are asking.
  5. basenji, please! :amuse:
  6. My sister has a Chinese you can plus one her on this request, too!
  7. I absolutely love the breed. I have been showing them for about 7 years. They really just stole my heart, when I found them.
  8. St Bernard here!
  9. A Dachshund FOB for me!!!
  10. Rhodesian Ridgeback here for me!!!
  11. I would like a cat especially a are mine bella, lucy and baby

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  12. A golden please...
  13. I would def. buy a Ridgie one! They are such cool dogs. Too big for for me, but neat dogs.
  14. They sure are...I have one and she is so smart it's insane plus gorgeous! My cousin had a dalmatian she was a smartie too :biggrin: