Reputable Stores and Resellers for Louboutin shoes

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  1. #1 Sep 7, 2008
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    I don't think we have such a list yet but we should! I'm constantly hearing about new places to get CLs on the HTF/great deals thread that I didn't realize existed. Maybe we can include reputable CL Ebay sellers as well? Some have amazing Ebay stores.

    I'll start -

    Dept stores:

    Other online stores:

    Ebay sellers:
    - Trenduet
    - NaturalGasGirl
  2. More ebay sellers:
  3. mushroom_city
  4. ah - how could i forget those!
  5. ma_kum
  6. Another eBayer:

  7. :goodpost:

    The only Swedish store so far to carry Louboutin. They are starting a webshop but it's not up and running yet. The selection is mediocre but for those looking for a UHG it's always good to have options.
  9. Ebay:
  10. Fred Segal shoes in LA, on Melrose.
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