Repurpose LV canvas?

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  1. I have a neverful GM and the straps broke. It wasn't in good enough condition to fix the straps, but the canvas around the sides is still in great shape. Has anyone gotten anything custom made from their old canvas? I was thinking maybe some little makeup bags or pouches. Not sure where I could go to have this done, either, so would love advice so it’s not a total loss!
  2. I’m sure there are people with good sewing machines who work with leather and canvas out there but you’d really have to know.

    Personally, I’d experiment myself but I do have an industrial sewing machine to sew sail cloth and heavy canvas. The hard part would be to get hardware and zips to match unless you can salvage this too. Totally worth a go though!
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  3. Since I finally have some time on my hands, I can finally post...

    I repurposed one of my old bags into something a little different- I made an old bag artwork for my laundry room. It cheers me up.

    It was my first LV purchase in 2004, a monogram Speedy 25. I loved it so much for years, but back then, I had a SAs tell me things like make sure that I rubbed my hands all over the vachetta to oil it up with my hand oil (ug!). It got pretty dirty and when I went in to LV to see about replacing all the vachetta, the SA told me NO, that I should never replace old vachetta, no matter how dirty (ug again). I wish I had been more persistent on that one, as the canvas was so thick, I would still be using the bag if I could have had new handles, at least. But I have had many LV bags since and it moved into the back of the closet, never to be used. I dyed the handles black and then I had an artist paint on it.

    Still never really used the bag, but I didn't want to get rid of it as it was my first so I cut it up and framed a chunk of it! The frames are reclaimed wood frames from the 1800s. Also framed the pretty holiday bag. I still have leftover canvas and am thinking of other things to use it for.

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