1. Hi girls i just came from Saks.....they have alot of the stuff from the trunk show at the beginning of this month, already on the shelves. There is an adorable small bag called something like the "50s line", $1595 or something like that, that is a little bit bigger than the east west classic flap (that goes for $1,050)......I put my stuff in the "50s" and you won't believe how much it fits for a smallish bag, because the leather is so soft. it has the double woven chain and comes in perforated leather, very soft, tomato red or yellow (if any other colors, they didnt have them). you can wear it with the chain as a single, slung over your body like a messenger bag, or on the shoulder..... its sooooo great.....cant remember the leather, it didnt seem as vulnerable as the lambskin, maybe its the calfskin? geeez now i think it may have been caviar...i was excited and cant remember .... Damian from Saks at Bala would know....anyway, i wanted to report on this............... other than the Naked, its probably the least expensive of the Spring line. :smile:
  2. Thanks for the report :smile: Wow! I would love to see the photo of it.
  3. Hmm...I've seen this one and don't really like it. The white is okay, but other colors just don't look right. Especially blue for some reason.
  4. The perforated bags initially caught my eye, but then I thought to myself, oil and dirt from my hands would get caught in the little perfs. I'm one of the very few that like the naked bag. Clear is my favorite color...that is, if you can call it a color.
  5. w-jade i LOVE the Naked bag! are you on the waitlist for it?
    do you prefer the tote or the classic flap one?
    i am waitlisted for both but will probably get the classic flap because of the style: it looks less like a beach bag and can be worn for evenings
  6. I love the naked bag too...I gotta see this Perf bag IRL....sounds adorable!