Replenish collection.... but

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  1. So I would like to start to replenish my Lv collection. My son and I are "thinking" of driving from home(ontario) to FL, then to Cali. I have friends from here to there and would like to try and get as many stops in as I can. I would also like to stop at all the LV stores I can. I would love to have pic's as well am hoping to get a little something from many of the stores.
    Now my question is.. I'm thinking of buying a mono totally here at home (to use for travel) to put my clothes in. I'm hoping to buy a keepall along the way(some clothes so we're not taking many with us) but i'm wondering about a handbag. We are going to be doing lots of stopping/shopping/visiting. I want to use/buy something that is going to be safe in places I dont know. Something that is going to keep my stuff secure, Has a zipper, shoulder bag I think, not too heavy,

    Suggestions pls.
  2. Sounds like the Totally is a great idea for you or the saleya... oh and the Palermo would be great when shopping for hands free!
  3. The Tivoli GM would be a good option or the Palermo
  4. Bloomsbury? I suggest this because I really want one! :smile:
  5. Totally or Noe
    Have a great trip
  6. ITA... this sounds like such a fun trip!!!
  7. palermo gets my vote! u guys should have a blast!
  8. Oh, how fun! An LV road trip. Your son is up for all that shopping? I'm impressed.
  9. Palermo!! Then you have the option of slinging it too!!
  10. bloomsbury does not scream LV and can be worn 2 ways and has a zipper.
  11. thanks for the input. I've had a noe and dont care for it, so the totally works :smile:
  12. Still in the planning stages...:smile: but should be a great time if we can make it happen.
  13. Like both those choices...
  14. Oh yeah :smile: he loves shopping. In fact he wants to go into LV and get a belt :smile: i'm totally turning him into "well trouble" hehehe He know's he's going to get spoiled along the way.
  15. thanks for the suggestion... not a fan of that bag.