replacing spy bag end cap

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  1. hi everyone. i bought a spy bag through a fendi employee about a year ago. the cap at the end of the lipstick compartment or whatever was always loose, and now it's snapped off completely. i don't have the piece, so i'd like to get it repaired. i understand fendi only repairs bags bought through them. do you think a bag from an employee sale would qualify? alternatively, is there any way to get another piece and just glue it on myself? do you think the cap from a fake would fit? i don't care if it's functional, i just like the way it looks. thanks!
  2. Maybe you should try to get the employee you purchased from to get it fixed? I think the policy is that if you can show you bought it directly from Fendi, then they will fix it within a year at their cost. If you can show you bought it from Fendi over a year ago, they fix at your cost. If you can't show you bought it from them, they won't fix it. I think they don't want to deal with any potentially fake bags, so this protects them.

    I don't know if a fake cap would fit :shrugs:
  3. Funny.