Replacing one python for another- who has python BS?


May 8, 2011
I have 3 Sophias and 1 MFF lace tote and I would really like to have more crossbody option bags. I am thinking of replacing my natural python Sophia for some other python bag. I really love the python on my Sophia, so I was thinking of trying to find a natural python mama Sage. But after looking at some mod shots of it I am concerned I'd look silly with a bag that big as I am a small person. I have had baby sage in the past and enjoy that bag but the only python BS is the one with the white panels on the sides and back. I am wondering if anyone has that bag and what they think of it? Has it gotten dirty easily or gotten color transfer on it? How it the python- does it look nice? What do you think about the color scheme? And how do you feel about the fact that the whole bag is not python?


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Aug 11, 2009
South Florida
I had that bag, twice, I wouldn't wear it crossbody because it'll get dirty and I had to send it back to coach twice because the scales were lifting. I love the look of the bag, that's why I bought it again after returning it defective but it's very delicate.
Dec 29, 2012
I have this bag and while I love it, it is a very delicate bag and definitely needs to be babied. I only use it for very special occasions. As to size, it's on the bigger side of perfect for me, but I 5'7 and a size 8 (working on getting back down to 6!). It could absolutely work on someone smaller... But, that would depend on your style.


Oct 10, 2012
I just posted about this bag with mod shots. its super comfy to wear. I actually like it not being all python the leather is sooo soft and nice and I don't have to worry about the scales rubbing when I wear it crossbody. Also I noticed I had already got a mark on the bottom of the bag and it wiped right off I don't think it being white leather will be a prob at all the leather seems very easy to maintain. The python embossed on front is so pretty it has a shimmer to it that's very nice like glitter. In my pics it looks somewhat shiny but its not is pretty matte with like a silver sparkle going through, it's gorgeous. It's an awesome bag I think you should get it. I love mine. :smile:
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