Replacing heel tips...DIY?

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  1. Wondering if anyone here replaces their heel tips themselves or how to do it? I have a few pair of shoes that need to be replaced, but I dont want to/cant leave my shoes at the cobbler here for 1-2 weeks for that simple of a job as I dont have that many heels to begin with.

    Is this just a matter of pulling out the old with a pair of pliers and tapping in a new one? Or is it more complicated and best left to a professional?

    Also, any recommendations on where to buy good heel tips cheaply? We have these cobblestone streets at my office and they just wreak havoc on my heel tips...shearing the ends right off if you get your heel caught in them. So, I'd rather stock up on a bunch of heel tips and do it myself as needed if possible. Thanks
  2. I think it's best left for the pros. I lost a lot of heels and we tried fixing them at home but it's just not that easy. If the heel is not strong and starts wobbling you could totally fall over.
  3. I would say bring your shoes to the cobblers if they are your higher-end pairs. Many of the designer shoes actually comes with spare heel tips (Miu Miu, Fendi, etc.), but I still take the shoes and the tips to the cobbler to get them replaced.
  4. I'm curious to know if anyone has done it. The cobblers (used different ones) in my area have chipped the heel or shoe everytime. I really don't trust my shoes with them and don't have a lot more options to try.
  5. I tried once to do it myself - even with me holding the shoe and my boyfriend pulling on the heel tip with a pair of plyers we couldn't get it off. I wouldn't suggest DIY.
  6. I always go to the cobbler, he is cheap and really good, he will even check and fix more than just the heel for no extra charge, I just love him!
  7. One to two weeks to replace heels tips is way too long. My cobbler will change my heel tips the same day if I really need the shoes. I say find a better cobbler. There are also different sizes & shapes for heel tips and ordering the right ones could be tricky.
  8. ^Yup, I totally agree with mellibelly that it should not take 1-2 weeks for heel tips replacement. My cobbler gets them done on the same day - drop shoes off during lunch and pick up from him right after work.