Replacement insole sizing for Classic UGGS?

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  1. I have 2 pairs of UGG, classic and the ultra. My classic ugg's need a replacement insole but it seems from the description I read online that the insoles aren't really made for this model.

    My question is has anyone purchased them anyway - and if so did they work, or would it work if you sized up or down?

  2. I ordered the same size as the corresponding Uggs. Size 5 in my case. Be warned though, they can be tricky. They add so much fluff, I couldn't get my food all the way in. :-s And this was on the pair that was worn down to nothing!

    So, they just sit, until I can find a better use for them. They do make nice inserts on non-Ugg shoes though.
  3. ^^Were your uggs the classic style? I heard they don't work for those and gap on the sides?
  4. i got the insoles for my classics and had the shoe repair gy remove the old and put in the new, works perfectly, like a new pair.
  5. I have Classic Talls, size 7 and I just put the insole on top of the old one (VERY worn down), and walked around the house in them until the new insole conformed to my foot. They fit perfectly, no gaping or anything.
  6. Yes, mine were the classic ones. I didn't notice any gaping on the side. I just put them over the old ones.