Replacement handles - as good as original??

  1. Has anyone had bag handles replaced?

    Are the handles and bag as secure as the original bag?

    Does anyone remember the approximate cost?

    My SA is suggesting that I send my ostrich birkin in to replace the handles when they darken terribly. Is it worth it? Or should I just cover them with twillys to avoid the darkening?
  2. I'd like to know as well. My black box Kelly is in great shape but I can see slight crackling, actually I feel it. I think it could use a new handle in a few years. I'm sure it would be done well and securely but am wondering what the fee would be. Or rather want to prepare myself LOL.
  3. I have a vintage black box Kelly whose handles were replaced before I acquired it. You can't tell it was done. I don't know how much it cost, unfortunately.
  4. Thanks Pepper. Sounds like it is as secure as the original.
  5. I think for kelly in box, it's about $400 last time i checked.

    Dont know how much for an ostrich birkin but I would think a lot more and not just because it's exotic. For one thing, for a birkin, I think you have to remove the lining to change the handles which you dont for a kelly. Then there is the extra cost of doing 2 handles vs one. I would personally go the twilly route
  6. Oooh I'd gladly pay $400 for new Kelly handle. I hope it didnt go up much. A new handle will make my Kelly like new!
  7. I apologize for this digression, but, seton, your signature line has me in stitches...
  8. I just had an estimate on my Black Box Bolide. NYC sent it to Paris and I found out it would cost $1800 for both handles (probably $900 if only one handle). I declined at this time.
  9. Thank you, Pepper! I aim to please ;)
  10. My concern about replacing handles would be also the fact that the bag itself may have developed a Patina and the "New" Handles will be looking "lighter" in colour compared to the rest of the bag now wouldn't it?....:confused1:
  11. My red vintage 35 box Kelly went to the H spa before I acquired it. The seller paid 500L (pounds sterling) for the fix - I have the H store receipt and will check at home, but I think that included a new clochette. The handle itself was not fixed, but the two leather bits holding the metal piece to which the handle attaches were both replaced.

    Accessorize*me's concerns are definitely valid: you can tell, if you look, that this was done by the different colour of the rouge H box. However, the bag is stunning and nobody ever notices but me!

    I will try to take some pictures tonight.
  12. My grandmother has a vintage 32 black box kelly and would like to replace the handel.
    Cost in Belgium in 2007: 600 euros (+/-890 USD) and it takes +/-4 months.

    They told her it will come back brand new!
  13. Hi Sus! I have a vintage that they made one handle for. It was not sewn onto the bag, but fastened to the original rings. 750.US a couple years ago. Exotic sounds $$$$