Replacement bag decisions...

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  1. Hi everyone, I'm a bit of a long term lurker, but a brand new poster, and i'd appreciate any help!

    I took my year old Black Tumbled Sheep Shimmy in for a repair as the piping has worn away, leaving the frame exposed. I've been told they won't repair it as there's a flaw in the leather, and that I can have a refund or an exchange. My lovely Shimmy was a bargain at £400 from Cheshire Oaks. My only criteria is that it should close properly, fit an iPad, an A4 set of papers and general bits and bobs. I have a couple of oak bags that haven't done so well in the rain, so that's my only other consideration

    So do I...
    a) Keep the Shimmy, tidy it up a bit and carry on enjoying its perfect size and (otherwise) durability for work, shopping, travelling
    b) Upgrade to one of the following:
    - Black patent Bayswater for Mulberry
    - Black oversize Alexa
    - Gunmetal sparkle tweed Alexa

    Help please! h xx

    p.s. DH who is bankrolling this upgrade if it happens has suggested the patent bays is 'tacky' - just throwing that in the mix :nuts:
  2. Ignore DH- Black patent bays is classy and gets my vote- alexa wont hold up to work stuff imo- its a lovely bag but not a work horse
  3. oh and welcome to the forum proper- stop lurking now and get posting!!
  4. As a lover of the black patent bays (on my wishlist) I would vote for that one. Would definitely say it's not tacky AT ALL, I think it's v.v.elegant

    However... having said that the gunmetal alexa does look rather delish. But as we've all read, Alexa's aren't workhorses.
  5. You dont have to get patent to be good in the rain - my black NVT bays is a total workhorse and holds up fabulously in the would chocolate NVT too.

    I would receommedn bays for wrok anyday - they are totally terrific for carrying laptops, netbooks and papers....good luck and let us know what you get.
  6. PS maybe get DH to see the patent bays..... i do not like patent leather bags at all but the black bays in patent really is very smart.....that said i still prefer the NVT. But he may be won round when he sees the patent irl.
  7. Take all the items you said you need to fit in a bag with you when you are looking and see if they all fit. I agree with the nvt bag owners, very good in rain.
  8. he's seen the photos on the mulberry website. I swear, it's the first time he's had an opinion on anything bag related. Good point re black and chocolate NVTs - but if I go for the apple one it's just in patent black or oak - would still quite like the option to take my MacBook out and about if needs be.
  9. Hi hannahjayne and welcome! Although I love the Alexa I don't think it is the right bag for what you want to carry. The bays would do all the heavy lifting though. Have you thought of the printed veg tanned bays? I think they look very smart and the black would be great in the winter. I see your Shimmy is black too so maybe you like black bags? - I love them too!

    And keep posting now that you've started!!!
  10. great idea lola- have a look at the choc and black printed bays as well as the patent?
  11. Thanks so much for the advice. I think if I'm going for a Bays then it needs to be the Apple one - will rethink the oak though if it stands up to the rain well!
  12. welcome to the forum! I am drooling over the alexas on .com as i type! Although they may not be the best for carrying a lot! My bays can carry all the above no problem!
  13. I know - I think I've got caught up in the Alexa hype, and I can see myself not settling for the 'sensible' option! I flipping love that sparkle tweed, but I don't have a great track record of taking care of expensive handbags - hence me thinking the black patent might be a good idea!
  14. Welcome! I was worried about the patent bays looking tacky, but it's a stunning bag. As soon as she arrived it was love at first sight for me!
  15. I recommend black or chocolate NVT bays.... if you are not too careful with your bags, I think patent would be scuffed and scratched quite easily. Alternatively, if you keep your Shimmy, have Mulberry offered you any kind of partial refund to compensate?