Repairing hardware on a Hillier Hobo

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  1. So...several weeks back I won an auction for a small, black MBMJ Hillier Hobo. And I won it for a mere $89! I knew something was likely fishy...although the pics looked authentic. After posting in the Authenticate This thread, another TPF'er responded that they had purchased the same bag from the same seller, and that it had arrived with broken and misplaced hardware. One of the 'O' rings attaching the handle was not original, and the other was broken. So...I was expecting a fairly defective bag.

    Six weeks later....the bag finally arrived. The good news is that it looks perfectly authentic. The leather is in great condition; soft, smooshy, pebbly; no stains or odors whatsoever. The interior is clean. My biggest concern was actually that the longer, detachable strap wasn't included in the auction description, so I didn't know if I would receive it - but I did.

    But...sure enough, the 'O' rings are indeed defective. They are both original. One of them has been repaired - not necessarily to my standard, but sturdy and functional. The 2nd one is missing one of the little screw/bolts to hold it shut.'s my question...

    Will Marc Jacobs repair this? Could you recommend somewhere else? For $89, I'm actually quite pleased with this bag, but the second "O" ring definitely needs to be repaired. Any suggestions? Or would you return the bag altogether (seller has told me that this is not a problem especially since the defects were not listed in the auction).
  2. Email Diego. They are well aware of this problem as there have been several Hilliers with defective hardware. He should repair it, for a price of course.

    When I bought my hillier, I bought some Locktite before using it, just to prevent this from happening. Maybe post-repair, you should do the same. You can buy the product at an auto repair store.
  3. Thanks so much Luna! Do you have an email address for Diego? Does he know about TPF?
  4. Hahaa he knows all about tPF - he even posts here sometimes! :yes: I would definitely contact him; ask specifically for him in your e-mail to: Also, you might want to ask for a partial refund from your seller since these flaws weren't disclosed in the auction. It might help offset the cost of the repair (regardless of where you get it repaired). Good luck!
  5. WOW! I already heard back from Diego!!!! And...he gave me all of the instructions to send the bag to have it repaired for free!!!! (less the mailing costs) That's the best customer service I've ever encountered!
  6. ^ He's amazing, isn't he?? I'm so glad you'll be able to get it repaired for "free"! He also sends out free dustbags (two a time, I think) if you should ever lose one/buy a bag without one.
  7. Love me some Diego!
  8. me too! diego is awesome
  9. Well, I've sent it off. And I requested a dustbag since I never received one from the seller. I'll keep my fingers crossed. My only concern is that when it reenters Canada, I might have to pay additional customs fees? I didn't have to on the first delivery, so at least I don't have to worry that I would be 'double' paying. Diego said it will take 3-4 weeks to repair, but I figure that at the end of the process, I will have a fully functional, like-new Hillier hobo for just over $100. Can't beat that!
  10.'s been just over two weeks, and my Hillier hobo has already been returned, free of charge, from Diego. I couldn't be more pleased! I'm in Canada - and still, this whole process from start to finish was beyond speedy! Considering I paid under $90 for this bag, I think I got a pretty good deal. It's the smaller size, but still pretty ample, and in GREAT shape! Diego is incredible!!!! And...he threw in a dust bag to boot! I love Marc Jacobs!
  11. Wow, that's wonderful ruth! Congrats on your amazing $90 Hillier! :nuts: