REPAIR Horrors

  1. How long does it take to repair a handbag???? I took my MJ quilted MP to Saks for repairs because the quilting was coming undone. I wore it twice for a total of 3.5 hours. I took it in on Sep 5th, 2006. I am still waiting for it to be returned to me. "It's not in yet" is the answer I'm getting. What's a reasonable time that I am expected to wait for my bag? By the time I get it I'm going to be over it. My patience is running out.

    This is a pic of her before I sent her off to be healed.
    my petrol.jpg
  2. My friend got her Hudson repaired from MJ boutique right away, it only left her for 1 week (she sent it there & received it back in the mail).

    My quilted MJ bag was dropped off at Barney's for repair, I was told that it takes 4-6 weeks.

    You should ask to speak to the manager about this, it's been more than 4 months already.
  3. I have spoken to the manager in the designer handbag dept. I spoke to her more than once. Called and left a message today. I spoke to the SA that sold it to me, and sent it out for repairs about 1/2 hour ago. She said she will leave a message for the manager that deals with repairs. That person isn't going to be in until Monday. I feel as though I am getting the run around.
  4. On Monday I hope to speak with perhaps a Gen Mngr.
  5. ^ Pquiles, I am sorry to hear that it's taken so long. I'm crossing my fingers for you, let us know how things go on Monday.
  6. Keep calling and bugging them!
  7. I'm sorry this is happening pquiles! I know how it feels, and it sucks! I would do as Jill said and keep bugging them! That kind of service is absolutely ridiculous!!
  8. Honestly... repairing quilting is kind of hard, it probably takes a lot of hand-work... I've fixed stitching on some of my bags, but it's taken a bit of time and being meticulous so it's not so sloppy.

    I'm so sorry your bag is taking so long to be fixed... unless they're taking the whole damn bag apart, there's no reason for it to take 3 months.
  9. I'm going to keep calling as advised. Thanks for all the support ladies, I truly appreciate it.
  10. good luck to you! I can't believe it's already been this long, there's no excuse for that! the general manager is good, or even the person above him. make some noise!!
  11. That's terrible service pquiles! I'm surprised it's taking so long. I sent a Michael Kors bag for repairs to their company once and it took about 2 months. Can you ask the manager to give you the number of the place they sent it to? Tell them you want to call them yourself to check on the bag status. Let us know what happens.
  12. ITA :yes: ....sounds like you need to be a thorn in their side for a little while....
  13. I'm sorry so about your ordeal! Definitely be persistent! It's YOUR bag and you need it back now.

    Good luck and let us know what happens. Keeping my fingers-crossed for you!!!
  14. That's one of the reasons why i returned my quilted Petrol MP. The stitching was coming loose on the edges and i just couldn't deal with sending the bag for repairs. i heard NM takes a long time to get your bag fixed too.

    Call Saks again, or go see the manager in person. Tell them they have to address this issue RIGHT NOW! *bangs fist on counter* :rant:
  15. :yahoo: Good News! I got my bag!!!! :yahoo:
    I got a call Monday from the manager in the handbag dept. She apologized for not calling me sooner because she was out for 3 days. She said my bag came in and was going to ship it overnight to me. My bag was waiting for me when I got home from work last night. It looks good as far as I can tell.

    Thank you to everyone who gave me advice and supported me through this ordeal.