Rental Cars and Insurance!!?!

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  1. Do you buy the insurance that they offer when you rent a car? I always get so confused with this. I have heard that credit cards sometimes cover this so do you know which credit cards cover rental car insurance?
  2. It not only depends on the credit card company, but also on the specific credit card you got from the company (eg. green blue gold silver purple dotted ;) card).

    Just call the your credit card company and ask what exacty they cover!
    Maybe you will find some of the information on your monthy statement.
  3. my auto insurance actually covers damage to rental cars. u could look into that too
  4. I always buy the insurance when I rent a car from Enterprise because if you were to get into a accident Enterprise insurance covers it and you walk away with no cost out of your pocket or your insurance companies pocket.
  5. Our insurance company pays for rental cars. We actually got into an accident with a rental car the SAME DAY we got back into town from a Road Trip to New Orleans(Made it to New Orleans with no incident, got back into town..and BAM!). There was over $5,000 in damages to the car. Luckily it wasnt our fault, so the other guy's insurance had to cover the damages, but our insurance company would have covered it if it were our fault.

    I started to babble, sorry!
  6. I never buy the extra coverage on a rental because my auto insurance policy will cover any damages, liability, and injuries.
  7. Most gold, platinum and above credit cards cover the insurance. If you call you credit card company, they can tell you if you are covered.
  8. Your insurance should be enough. The extra insurance they offer you is so that if anything happens you dont have to deal with any of it.
    I usually dont buy it, as I'm already paying car insurance and that can be used for the rental.
  9. Ive had 3 seperate claims that my cc paid. Its a little bit of a pain in the ass to collect the info but once the thing is filed Hertz takes over and deals with visa and so nothing else needs to be done. I don't have any experience with any other rental agency and other cc companies besides visa.
  10. Nope, never get it.
  11. YES!! I have unfortunately gotten some dents while driving a renatl car and had to pay a deductible for the repairs. It's much safer to buy the extra insurance.
  12. Last time I rented a car I didn't. I thought it was a rip. They said if I wrecked the car my insurance would cover it except for the $500 deductible. I told them I'd take my chances. It was like $17/day for the stupid insurance!