Reneh's "Proper" Matte Croc Unveiling

  1. I started a thread in the Shopping Section a couple days ago when I knew my new bag was coming and I did a reveal however, I was asked to start a new thread here. So I'll make this quick and just give you all the pics right away.

    As many of you know, I have been obsessed with matte croc for sometime.

    To show color I put it next to my 30 Gold Togo (which I think I have to let go as its to similar) and the last picture I had to show my dog as she was anxiously awaiting Fed Ex with me(which by the way showed up over 2 hours late - talk about stress)
    box.jpg In Sleeper.jpg Matte Fauve.jpg Matte Fauve next to Gold Togo.jpg Meeko with Fauve.jpg
  2. Is this matte miel? Very nice!
  3. WOW! congrats! thats is gorgy! and your dog is gorgy too!
  4. Beautiful bag & cute dog!
  5. GORGEOUS!! Now, in action photos, please, Elle.
  6. Color is matte fauve which I'm told is the same as matte barenia. Hardware is gold - which really compliments the bag and gives it a warm look
  7. it looks really really gorgeous!!!
  8. OMG!!!


    Rene, congratulations to you!!! I know you have been waiting for a new croc bag and been so patient...

    This is just stunning!!!

    I cannot search, but I think Angel2307 posted pic of the fauve and barenia side by side and they are slightly different....but without search I cannot find that thread right away.....

    eithet way, your bag is stunning, your dog is adorable, and your floors are very pretty, too!!! I will have to give this a weiners up!!!
  9. That is just gorgeous! Congratulations!!!! (PS- I love your dog!!! So cute!)
  10. OK - as this is your proper reveal.....

    I'll say a proper..... FABULOUS!

    Congrats Rene - you have waited long and hard for this lovely bag. Enjoy :drinkup:
  11. Yeah....this baby deserves a proper reveal.

    She's stunning.

  12. Thank you - and thank you all for your patience. I know I have talked relentlessly about matte croc so hopefully I'll start obsessing about something else. :smile: I do think a black matte croc is still going to be required (and I think I may get to order this Feb from my local store).
  13. ReneH,

    Your doggy is so gorgeous... your bag is not too bad either. Congrats... she's a beauty. You can always keep your gold birkin for those days when the weather isn't so great...

  14. such a gorgeous and elegant bag....congratulations!
  15. OH WOW! WOW! WOW! CONGRATS!!!!! It's gorgeous!:heart::heart: