Remember to change passwords frequently!

  1. On december 16th, PayPal told me they were closing my account because they suspected a thrid pard was involved. I thought nothing of this, but thought that it as probably just a precaution. However, 2 days later, i discovered that someone had hacked into my eBay account as well. Then my hotmail. This was fun, because they changed my passwords and usernames, and made sure they deleted the mail from eBay stating that "I" had changed my password.

    This could have been avoided if I has changed ALL my passwords more frequently (mine was 9 characters with letters, symbols and numbers), so people - CHANGE YOUR PASSWORDS!!!

    The hackers bid on things for £16 000 in all, and I'm still struggeling with all the things to do.. eBay even called me during my holidays in Norway!
  2. Oh thats an absolute nightmare, so sorry this happened to're not liable for the money spent though?
  3. Thank God I'm not!! But I'm still suffering from angry sellers:crybaby:
  4. good warning. i shall give this some thought.....
    thanks! sorry for your troubles though!
  5. Thank you very much for the warning.

    So sorry this has happened to you!
  6. Y'know, this topic did not sit well with me after I read it last night.
    I have had the same passwords for 5 years and through 3 relationships (my significant other's usually had access to my passwords too) and this morning i thought, y'know what?
    Today, I will lplay it safe and change my passwords. I only got to a few, but I feel like it was a good move.
    Thanks for the thread!
  7. Pretty much the same thing happened to me. My ebay and paypal accounts got hijacked. My passwords were changed by the creeps also. Fun Fun doesn't describe. But instead of buying, my hijackers were SELLING!!!!!!

    I thank god Ebay was paying attention for once. I was busy and not online for weeks. But ebay caught the listings and closed down the auctions, all 130 of them!

    Angry buyers??? holy **** the nasty nasty emails I got. It took about 2 days to reopen my accounts.

    I guess I had been lucky all along because I used the same passwords for years without changing them.
  8. If you keep your passwords and user-names the same for all 3 services then this is no ones fault but yourself... If you have different ones for each and set windows to not save your passwords then you will not have this problem...

    Hackers want you to change your passwords all the time thats why people tell you it's a good idea... Windows and most IT people will tell you unless you are on a shared netwok changing your password all the time is not a great idea....

    if you keep it safe and the same then you will not stumble on to a set used by a hacker to get into your life it's called fishing...

    Also use AMEX for all your internet business...
    Their services and protections are the best. As for hotmail it's a free untraceable service for a reason, expect to get hacked unless you use Gmail, or the subscriber MSN service.
  9. Good idea! I actually changed mine today too. I recently signed up for one of those sniper services and then got cold feet about someone else having my username & password.
    I sold a bag in December and the buyers account had been hijacked, she had purchased 200+ bags that day! I wouldn't worry about negative feedback or anything as ebay yanked the listing and I had to start from scratch all over again!
  10. Good advice! I am going to change my password now. I have the same password since the day I joined ebay and that is almost 5 years ago:wacko:
  11. I would have understood it, if it was so, but I have 3 diff passwords, and they wer LONG, consisting of letters, number and symbols.

    In addition, I too talked to IT-people, and they said that if you change your passwords more frequently, hackers won't be able to take their time finding the password. When they do, I might have changed it already and they can't use it:idea:
  12. Great reminder - thanks :yes:

    Sorry you this happened to you though :smile: