Reissue prices

  1. Id just like to know what are the new reissue prices for this fall and when are they coming out already? Im dyinggggg .Thank you.
  2. I only know 227 size at $2495.
  3. Is there a 227 thats $2595, I put myself down for it last night. Maybe it was a misprint or something though. I can't wait for it to arrive :nuts:
  4. that's the price of the new jumbo classic flap (the one with the mademoiselle lock); distressed caviar, darker oxydized looking silver chain
  5. size 226 for this fall is $2350.
  6. So is the jumbo = to the 227? I want the reissue but Im confused as to what size is which.
  7. That would be nice to have too, but will call my SA and demand a reissue as well. The hard thing with the lookbook there is the stock photos are HORRIBLE, and sometimes not even of the bag, but of a bag thats roughly the same style. Like for some of the flaps they showed the croc flap the entire way through when it wasn't even supposed to be croc :roflmfao: The jumbo would be nice to have too :heart: Thanks!
  8. hehe, love the new jumbo though! it's the one that courtney cox is shown with in the pics that are posted here and there on the forum. good luck with the reissue! :smile: