Reissue in 225 vs Old medium boy with handle

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  1. Hi Ladies! I have a beige Reissue in 225 and black old medium boy with top handle on hold for me but hubby said I can only pick one. Please help me choose, I have neither style in my collection. Here's the pic (borrowed from TPF).

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  2. My vote is for the Reissue 225. Although I love the edgy look of the top handle boy, when I tried it on it felt bulky and awkward with the top handle and chain strap. Good luck deciding!
  3. Thank you for your input! I appreciate it!
  4. I'm a huge reissue fan :smile:. This beige one is gorgeous! If color transfer is not concern for you since it is a light color, I would choose the reissue. I also love this boy. I just don't know how I feel about the handle and adds to the weight. Get what makes your heart sing more! Good luck!
  5. I agree. The top handle is too thick to comfortably hold it and the handle clearance is too low to easily put my hand through.
  6. Look like reissue is winning, hands down! @bh4me, I agree with you. This beige is really nice. I am not concerned with color transfer as I baby my purse way too much! Haha!

    @mintytea: Thank you for your input. I will definitely get the reissue then!
  7. I love the reissue. Boy is nice but very heavy.
  8. That beige reissue looks amazing!
  9. I would for sure pick the reissue.

    I'm not a fan of the boy with handle...I don't think the handle has much of a purpose (besides getting in the way of opening/getting into the bag).

    Good luck with your choice!!
  10. Thanks everyone for your feedback! Reissue it is, then!
  11. Oh my that beige reissue!!!! Get that one!
  12. Another vote for the reissue. That top handle and stitching makes the boy look too busy imo
  13. another vote for the beige reissue....stunning beyond words
  14. oh gosh that reissue is to die for! get that one! :heart:
  15. The Reissue is stunning...