Reissue dilemma...

  1. Soo, I have the 2005 original black with gold reissue in 227 and I love that bag, so easy to carry and fits a lot in it too.

    I recently was offered the black patent with gold but I was worried they were too similar.

    I am on the list for the dark silver reissue in 226 from Nordies and definitely want that one as I missed it last year and just loved the color as I saw it more and more (online and in person but always in the wrong size...225 only) even more than the dark silver timeless classic that came out new for this fall.

    Should I also get the black patent or pass on it? Someone on here mentioned possible issues with fingerprints and I dont know--I never loved my navy patent reissue in 227 and ended up selling it...The black patent looks great but I also feel I could get another bag not so similar to a 227 reissue I already have in black regular leather...

    Any thoughts?

  2. Hey Cory! I think the black patent looks gorgeous...
  3. hey cory, i think that you should just wait for the dark silver maybe the patent is not for you. Good luck with whatever you decide.
  4. I think the patent makes it a totally different "look" than the regular black leather, but saying that.. if you were planning on only adding one more - I would go with the dark silver since you've been wanting it for so long and regret missing out on it last year whereas the black patents sounds like it's a newer want.

    However, if you can swing both - then why not? Worse comes to worse - you can always just return one of them right?
  5. Although the black patent is beautiful, maybe you should go for the dark silver one to add a bit of versitality ? Both are gorgeous tho.
  6. my vote is for dark silver but i'm a little biased-- i'm also waitlisted for her in size 226!!
  7. Since you already have the black reissue, I think the dark silver will be a better purchase.
  8. Hi I would get the dark silver. I also have a black w gold hw reissue and I love it to death, if I could get another one it would be either the dark silver or dark gold. I think the patent would be too similar to what you already have..
  9. i think of the 2, i'd prefer the dark silver, simply because i think it'll give your collection a bit more variety, colourwise, and also i think that patents are a bit more high maintenance than metallics?
  10. I say like the others, pass the black patent and wait for the dark silver
  11. Get the dark silver, the color is amazing... Black patent reissue is too similar to your one and both have gold hardware too!
  12. You already have a black reissue, go for the darksilver.:yes:
  13. yay ok...thanks girls for all your replies...I guess my gut instincts said dark silver too as I have been waiting so long for it.

    Its just hard sometimes with so many nice bags out there ;)
  14. One more for dark silver!!!!!!!!!
  15. ^ me too!!