reissue - dark silver or copper?

  1. which is less bingly/flashy?
  2. Has anyone actually seen the copper?

  3. IMO dark silver and copper are the same, I've seen silver, gold and according to the SA a copper Reissue, but nothing named dark silver. in other threads people mention there are gold, light silver and dark silver, but they don't mention copper...
  4. I bought the Dark Silver reissue, and I didn't even know there was a copper. I'm rather confused if the 2007 Cruise collection had both Dark Silver and Copper...or if they are the same color?
  5. I have never seen the copper but the dark silver is gorgeous.
  6. I've seen both and I think dark silver is less "blingy," copper really stands out (more metallic) with shiny copper hardware. JMO.
  7. D.silver is gorgeous but I haven't seen copper
  8. I have the dark silver and it's beautiful! The dark copper sounds like it would be very nice though I have never seen it, and IMHO, the blingier colors are the lighter colors, which are too bright and shiny for my liking.
  9. I have the dark silver and love it. I was going to get the light gold but changed my mind at the store for the less blingy and more versitle dark silver. Sorry I haven't seen the copper. I think you will love either:heart: