Reissue 2.55 or Tote?

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2.55 or tote?

  1. Keep the 2.55. It's a Classic!

  2. Get the tote, it's more practical and still classy

  3. Other ( please specify)

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  1. Hi Ladies!
    I don't post here often as it is too enabling and I cannot afford as many Chanels as I desire... So here's my question.

    I got the Black 2.55 Reissue a year ago after wanting it for quite some time and i love it. Problem is, i only rarely wear it if at all. I find it hard to use because of the flap, its impractical to me, also it doesn't hold much and i tend to carry more.

    I recently saw a woman with the Reissue tote and i loved the look! It seems to be a great everyday bag. Now i'm wondering if i should sell my 2.55 to get the tote? I cannot afford both, honestly i don't even know yet how to justify parting with the 2.55 in front of my Family and DH.

    What do you think? Is the tote a better fit? Or should i just forget about it and enjoy my 2.55 more?

    Thanks so much for your Input. :heart:
  2. If you are not really using your flap, I would sell it and get the tote. A bag you'll use is always a better buy than one you won't.
  3. Sell the flap and get the tote instead if it will fit all your essential so you can enjoy it more ;)
  4. Thanks for your input!
    Keep it coming...
  5. Yeah, ditch the flap and get the tote.
  6. I love the tote, but also love the flap! If you want the tote more and think it's a better fit for you, then definitely sell the flap. good luck!
  7. It depends if you are thinking to keep a lot of stuff with reissue tote. Although that's a tote, it doesn't keep its shape when you put a lot of stuff inside. Otherwise, reissue tote is gorgeous.
  8. Thanks nscwong!
    I just went through all the threads concerning the tote and it seems the tote doesn't hold much plus it cannot keep its shape. That is kind of a deal breaker as I do not intend to carry a bigger but emptier bag with me… Maybe I just need to find a tote elsewhere and get used to my 2.55 more. I just think it's a shame if I don't use it!
  9. ^You are welcome. Glad that I am of help.
  10. Over the years I have found that it is much better to have a beautiful bag that you use, vs a beautiful bag that isn't practical for your lifestyle. If this isn't practical for you, I say sell it to buy a bag that does work for you. Sometimes it takes some digging, but there are great looking and practical bags out there.
  11. If the 227 doesn't work for you...definitely sell that to fund one you will use!

    Yes, there are other options for totes...the portobello is quite nice...there is a great one in the SOHO collection. The OnTheGo is more casual and has a zipper closure in the middle (like the GST) and of course there is always the GST.

    Or try a Jumbo or Maxi caviar classic flap.

    I personally love the reissues and the jumbos...they are in my rotation.