Regrets! (and pictures)

  1. Last week I bought the black bag in the picture below. Then today i saw the same bag but in signature and shoulder bag style which i have been wanting. so what do i do? i decide not to buy it. you would think at this stage in my life i would know that i should just buy it and worry about it later instead of not buy it and then regret it! i may go back tomorrow and hope it is still there. in the meantime, here are 2 small (final) purchases for me until October (my birthday month when it is ALL about ME!)

    both new items (blue bag and ladybug keyfob) were the last ones in the store! i just love that!
    june23one.jpg blueladybug.jpg
  2. both are fabulous decisions, and the other decision about getting the other same bag but in a different color maybe a decision you have to settle with yourself. the style is very practical and the colors sound practical's a tough decision...
  3. cute fob!
  4. You said it yourself, "That's what I've been wanting."

    So go get it =)
  5. GREAT purchases~~~ Enjoy them!
  6. I think they are great purchases, especially if they are no longer available. great purchase!!
  7. Cute bags!
  8. Cute bags. I almost bought that same keyfob but resisted. lol

    I hope they still have the bag.
  9. I love both bags and can't believe you found the ladybug keyfob!!! So cute!
  10. I hope they still have the bag you're looking for! :search: I love the blue bag! The keyfobs are so adorable! :heart:
  11. :smile: Thanks all!