Reggie the cheeky alligator

  1. For those of you who have not been able to come out and see our "star attraction", here is our newest addition, Reggie. He is definitely on the brighter side as far as alligators go. I worked night shift Tuesday night and was wondering where one of our feral cats were (don't worry, this has a happy ending). So I went down to Reggies exhibit just to make sure the cat didn't end up on the blue plate special - I shone my flashlight everywhere in that pool and no Reggie. Oh well. I figure he was hiding under some reeds or more towards the back of his exhibit where he is hard to see at night. I went home feeling something just wasn't quite on the level. Next day, I hear he climbed out of his exhibit and was found the next morning near the Childrens Discovery Center. (yikes!) He alas was returned safely to his pool. I can't help thinking he was hiding in the bushes nearby laughing at me the night before.
    As I was leaving this afternoon, I stopped and took a photo - he actually swam up towards me and stopped - he is a ham. People complain that he is not as big as they thought he was (I think people watch too many monster movies) I joke that coming to see him is like going to see the Mona Lisa at the Louvre. A whole big crowd of people staring at a rather small object that doesn't move much.
    reggie floatin with flash.jpg
  2. LOL! He's cute! :yes:
  3. He's a handsome fella. Oh and as for him not being very "big"... I would very swiftly wet myself if he came towards me.:yes:
  4. Smart little fella! Probably thinking "I'm tired of the cafeteria food! I'm going to go see what they have down at the Children's Discovery Center..."
  5. I have been paying attention to his antics for 2 years now. His activities are reported on the Vegas news. Reg is far more interesting than Paris!
    Didn't Steve Irwin try to catch him a couple of years ago when Reg was in that lake? Crikey!
  6. Cute name!

  7. I envy you your job,it must be wonderful to see and deal with these wonderful creatures on a daily basis.

    Reggie is one cool little guy ;).
  8. Reggie Rocks - we've followed his journey from the beginning!
  9. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: so true! he is quite cute though :yes:
  10. awww. reggie is so cute, i saw him in lake machado during the beggining of his little scandal!
  11. I don't know if he ever got to try. I do know he was scheduled to try to catch him right before his untimely demise. :sad:
  12. Reggie's a beauty but I sure wouldn't want him to get too close to me LOL!

    You work at a zoo? That's awesome. :smile: It must be great to work with animals.
  13. it is heaven.:love: very exhausting but worth every minute.:tup:
  14. I just got off night shift not too long ago. we have to now check on him every hour on the hour to make sure he's not up to something. I have to log his every move. I still think about him after I get home....
  15. Oh my gosh, that's so funny. I saw he made the news for his attempted escape the other day.