Regarding my cat..

  1. Ok, this might sound pretty weird but I need to ask if anyone has had a similar situation. My 2 year old cat loves to eat my hair!!! When I come home from work..he jumps on me and gets on my shoulder to chew on my hair. He doesn't do it all the time but he is drawn to my hair. I have long hair and I tend to shed alot during summer time and hair falls on the carpet..I make sure to vaccuum more often because of that. I've seen him eat it off the floor too!! So weird..anyone have any similiar stories or have any advice? Thanks! :heart:
  2. Do you use any products in your hair? One of my cats when I was growing up used to go crazy for anyone's hair if they were wearing gel. He would lick my brother's hair like crazy and drive any gel wearing guests nuts trying to lick their hair. I haven't had cats eat my hair, but one of mine is always trying to eat all of the hair that he sheds all over the place. Maybe he just likes that it smells like you.
  3. I do use hairspray and hair gloss...never thought about it, lol. Yeah, he loves my hair! It's kinda cute how he plays like he's being good and out of nowhere he yanks my hair...he's spoiled rotten.
  4. LOL! I never had a cat that did that but did have a guinea pig that used to! :p
  5. I have cats that like to chew on my hair. I never thought much about it. I just assumed they were playing.
  6. I'll bet you it's the hair products that he loves! My cat growing up was so cute when he would go after hair. He'd be all snuggly and suddenly he'd just become fixated on hair and you would have to pull him away.
  7. I've had cats think my long hair is a toy -- so something between the hair product and him wanting to play seems the answer. If it bothers you and you push him away often enough, he will get it eventually. We had a boy who used to sleep on our heads which was cute for awhile and then got old fast :smile: He did get the message after we moved him about 100 times. Cats!!
  8. Haha! lol, that's cute! My cat does this once in while, but only when my hair is wet, I love it!
  9. Our cat chews on my hair all the time! I wake up sometimes in the early morning and he's chopping away at my hair. My hair is long and our cat also likes swatting and pouncing on it. Go figure.