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  1. Ok so my new dream bag is the heritage stripe tote. The jury is still out on what color...I can't decide between the pink,blue, or green...but anywho, what are the prices for the medium and large sizes. I have ruled out that I dont want the small one and I was pretty set on getting the medium size. But now I think that I may want the large one cause I heard the bags photograph large and I am worried that the medium one is small. But yeah, I just need to know the prices.

  2. Medium is $298
    Large is $358

    I'm just about 5'3" and have the large. It is big, but not HUGE. I don't think I'll use it on an everyday basis, but frequently. And I love having the extra room when traveling. HTH!

    ETA: I originally wanted the medium & probably would've gotten it had I not stumbled upon the large at an outlet. I do think the medium looks perfect for an everyday purse.
  3. I'm 5'9" and am about to take back the medium. To me it is not a tote but a somewhat smallish purse size. It's a little bit bigger than a medium Carly but doesn't have the slouch...
  4. Okay I'm really glad I got the large then, this ends any second guessing, thanks :tup::lol:
  5. I am so confused with what size to get! This is exhausting my brain.
  6. I am dying for someone to get one in blue and post pictures!
  7. I like more of a purse sized bag, like a Legacy shoulder bag or a medium Carly or a medium Ergo Hobo, so that's why I have the medium tote on it's way! I don't want it to be too big for me... :smile:
  8. Hmmm I guess... if you want a medium sized purse, get the medium. If you want something with more room that can also be used for books, travel, etc go for the large. :yes:

    I posted the measurements & some modeling pics of the large here:

    And here's LAltiero85's post with her medium:

    There are more threads with modeling pics too. HTH :tup:
  9. I just took a couple quick pics for comparison.

    Large Heritage Tote & Medium Signature Ergo Hobo


    Large Heritage Tote & '06 Legacy Shoulder Bag


  10. Thanks so much!
  11. You're welcome - good luck :tup:
  12. I think I am going to stick with the medium. This will def be more like a daily purse, I dont think I need to be carrying my mac or my books in it...Thanks so much for everyone's help!
  13. I like the green...still out on what size. But yeah, mini-skinny for sure! LOL
  14. I'm glad you decided! She is beautiful in any size/color, I hope you love her :tup:
  15. The green was my 2nd choice, very pretty! Looking forward to seeing some pics on here soon hopefully :yes: