Redesign of Disco??

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  1. Just received a camelia disco from Net-a-Porter, and it looks like they have redesigned the interior of the disco with an extra slip pocket. Anyone else notice this? Also, I really dislike the new Gucci dustbag design. It's this white satiny microfiber with a Gucci logo patch sewn on. It looks like something that would accompany a bad fake. Sort of a bummer :sad:
  2. Have you got a pic of new and 'offending' items?

    We have a thread about the new packaging. I'm not overly impressed either :-s
  3. So sorry that I didn't see your reply earlier! I ended up returning the camelia disco to NAP, but I did just get a red disco at saks that has the new interior with two pockets. Here's a pic!

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  4. And here's the new dustbag (which I can't stand). It's this weird microfiber with a gucci tag loosely sewn onto the front.

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  5. Beautiful! :heart:

    I have already commented to one of my reg SAs (Head of Women's Handbags) about the new packaging, I hope she passes it on. Everyone should comment to wherever they buy. I hope they're reading this :cool:
  6. The new packaging is so bad :sad: Congrats on your new red disco!
  7. I find the second interior pocket in the disco to be odd. It's not quite deep enough for an iPhone, so I'm not sure what purpose it's supposed to serve. Oh well! The disco is still one of the best small bags around--what other high-end brand does an all-leather, extremely well made bag for under $1,000 these days?
  8. I got my Disco last June (Florence store, Italy) and it was already with two pockets.
  9. I bought a black soho disco from Neimans and my interior and dust bag looks like yours..I wasn't aware they had redesigned the interior . I thought the old dust bags had Gucci printed on it instead of the tag sewn on........I am surprised they did not put another strap holder( not sure what else to call it) because my strap tab curled up a little and have been trying to get it uncurled..otherwise I have been wanting a soho disco bag for a long time and finally bought one.
  10. The disco bag looks gorgeous! Congrats!

    But the dustbag looks cheap and ugly. How disappointing :sad:
  11. Sorry, my initial post was unclear! I meant to say that they seemed to have swapped out the old cell phone pocket for a slip pocket, so there are now two slip pockets (if that makes sense). Here's a pic of my black disco that I purchased at Bloomies last year with the larger phone pocket:

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  12. Hi !
    For information I bought my Soho Disco last month (in France), and it has a slip pocket and a larger pocket like your black one on the last picture (and I got a brown dustbag with Gucci printed on). I also tried a pink one and it did not have the two slip pockets shown on your first picture.
  13. Gorgeous bag! :love:
    I've wanted to buy 1 but cannot afford to... blown my bag budget earlier this year. can anyone please suggest a bag similar to Gucci disco (but way cheaper)? My hubby will probably give approval for the disco bag on Christmas (I hope!) :roflmfao:
  14. Love your beautiful red disco!

    And I was wondering about the dust bag... I purchased my first Gucci bag this week, and was pretty surprised at how horrible the dust bag was. Much cheaper looking/feeling than any I have or have seen from other premium brands...
  15. That's a shame. I liked the older dustbags
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