Red We And Me Pix

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  1. to all my fabulous bal pals, i would like to wish you and your loved ones a very happy thanksgiving!! i have made some great cyber friends on this subforum.:love: i am very thankful we all have this place to share our bal obsessions....keep on rocking your bal bags!:supacool: oh, and LP, i got dressed for the pix.;)

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  2. You look adorable. :smile:

    Happy Thanksgiving to you also!
  3. beautiful, of course! :smile:

    happpy thanksgiving!
  4. happy thanksgiving! you look great!
  5. Chaus, you look great as always! :flowers:
    Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!
  6. You are too cute! even sideways! Happy Turkey Day to all my PF girls! Heres to turkey, gravy, mashed potatos and many Bbag blessings!
  7. liya, mimz , christie and cate, thank you:love: and the best to you and all your families this holiday.:heart:

    donna, thanks and i have come along way in my posting abilities....if you research some of my older ones you can see i relied on my bal pals mimz, jdy and hatikuh for major help. i am improving....:smile: and off topic, where is hatikuh??? get back on the board, girl!! we all miss you!:supacool:
  8. chausse... you look GREAT there :P
    you're also my best cyber friends... i can't believe the bond this forum can do to us :P

    happy thanksgiving!!!!
  9. Happy Thanksgiving to all of you in the US, we don't celebrate it over here but I'm not less thankful for all of you. I love too hang around with you in cyberspace!

    The red looks great on you...!

    Many more bbbbb's to everyone
  10. happy thanksgiving to u too!!

    u and ur bbag look just great :smile:
  11. oh seahorse, thank you!:love: cyberspace is a great place for make friends! it is nice to know we have bal issues we can share all over the globe!

    catcat, thank you and some of us americans even run off to france for thanksgiving...:angel:

    epipipin, thank you and happy t-day and cheers to cyber bal pals!:drinkup:
  12. HAPPY THANKSGIVING C!!!!!!!! As always you look gorgeous!
  13. PRETTY!!..

    Happy thanksgiving to everyone :biggrin:
  14. awesome bag!!

    happy thanksgiving!!
  15. chaus as usual i look forward to your pics !! amazing bag amazing picture :smile: