Red vs Black med Luxe bowler!! Help!!

  1. Dear all, as most of you know, I have been searching for med black bowler. Out of desperation, I decided to check out the red color and fell in love with it. The dilemma is, now I found both!! and I cannot decide which I want to buy.
    The thing is, I like how I can wear the black one with everything (but I think that goes for the red one as well), and how it is great for semi-formal outfits (I think this goes for the red one as well).. I like how the red color can pop in the middle of an outfit, but have not since own anything bright yet and am a bit anxious about that.
    The other thing is, the black is selling for a 100 less, but used, and though the bag is 100% authentic, the seller does sell fake bags too. The red one on the other hand, the seller is very reputable and trustworthy.
    What do you guys think and can you also give me some tips on how to wear red bags? thanksss
  2. I think the fact that I have searched high and low for the black one is influencing my decision.. I just want to have the most of my money and have a bag I can enjoy for at least 5 years.
  3. Is it matte or metallic black?
    I would choose red probably, but if I wanted black, I'd prefer only metallic black.
    I have the Luxe Flap in metallic black and it's TDF.
  4. its the matte black. I knoww... I like how the red color pops.. and just the fact that a lot of people already own the black..
  5. I'd say black - classic, and less seasonal for a bag that you want to be able to wear with anything, and to use often, and for at least 5 years. i'd probably get a classic black bag first and then later on, i'd get something that is trendy i.e. red bag
    (just my opinion) :smile:
  6. I'm not a fan of the black for this style either... metallic black is so fab comparied to matte black. Go for the red, you can always get another classic style in black some other time.
  7. I don't think red bags are trendy at all. I've always loved red bags. It really does make a dull outfit pop! I say get the red!
  8. Red is a staple color IMO, not trendy.
    But the matte black in the Luxe ligne isn't anything special to me, I'd only go for metallic in the black personally.
  9. If it's matte black, then I'd definitely go for the red. For the luxe bowler, I prefer metallic or deerskin black, not matte calfskin.
  10. I think you can't go wrong with either color. I have the black calfskin bowler and I LOVE it! The leather is soft and smooth and very durable, very easy to wear. I like the red burgundy interior as well.
  11. another vote for the red. it's totally gorgeous!
  12. I vote for the black. more practical!
  13. Hi guys, just want to update, I bought the black one. The reason is, I want to get the red jumbo flap now!! haha=) I know its another ridiculously difficult to find bag.. but I'm determined!!=) wish me luck and thanks for all the input!