Red shoulder birkin + red kelly! Help!!!

  1. I bought a JPG red (vermillon) shoulder birkin as I posted before looks just like a picture below. I just bought (yesterday) the same vermillon kelly yesterday. Even though they are the same color, I did not want to let go of shoulder birkin. So, I bought it and love it so much. What should I do with kelly. The store I bought kelly from does not have kelly or birkin at this time. If I want to reture to other stores ( which I think I will do), it might be too much hassel and expensive to ship out over nighted with insurance (hermes required overnighted, and insurance) Would you keep both, or reture kelly and get something else? PLEASE HELP ME!!!!:sad2: :sad2: :sad2:

  2. Sorry for misspelling"reture" in previous message->correct to "return"... So, should I return to other sotre where has different color kelly?
  3. Wow...what a situation you have here. Even though they are two different styles I would not like two bags the same color.
    What is the other Kelly color you can get? If you return, you can swap out to another I reading that right?
  4. I obviously don't have another option yet.....I still would return even to have a credit. I think in the long run you would be happy for some thing else. Can you get a black Kelly? Fuscia is adorable. What size Kelly?
  5. Where do you live? Where is your closest store? They have nothing? Have you asked when they expect other items?
  6. I talked to a Hermes store associate whom was willing to take my kelly for apple green kelly 32 cm with gold HW or black. They also have black, natural, and fushia. But I have an ostrich fushia birkin, gold birkin (same/similar category as natural in my opinion). So, options are narrowed to either apple green or black...
  7. They said they could never predict what they were getting in their next shippment...
  8. Let me see a 32 apple or 32 black each has gold hw?
  9. If you don't have a black...a black 32 with gold would be lovely. I have a black 28 with gold and it is nearly 15 yrs old and it looks like is a classic. Mine is black box...would yours be?
  10. I think you should secure a black...nice wardrobe staple
  11. Thank you for your friendly caring messages. Apple green one is a goat skin, and I don't remember black one's skin... What do you think about apple green (Vert Anis)?
  12. I do like it, but I feel you would get more use out of the black...I see it going with much more. If you are a female who loves color...I say go for it. BUT, I would have preferred the vert with palladium myself. The black is great with either

    My opinion
  13. Do you feel pressure like you have to take what is there? What would you really want in a Kelly? Can you wait a bit?
  14. One more question... They had a 25cm suade birkin also RED. Since it is regular shape (different look from JPG), should I get it? I am really frustrated!!!
  15. My feeling is you are building a collection must like I do, but I feel you should round out your collection more. You have a nice red, neutral tan,gorgeous fuscia...I say black. Later you can add a suede. Maybe a beautiful color will come and you will want that shade instead of the red. I don't want to force you, but think about it.