Red Patent double 2.55???

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  1. I saw pics of the red patent leather on the Chanel website but never saw it IRL, and never on the double 2.55.
    I know that it has a brushed gold hardware, not loving it 100% in the pic but that bag is hot!!!
    Have you played with it in the store, do you have pics and thoughts???
  2. Are you referring to the one with the double compartments? I like it a lot when looking at it straight on, but from the side angle, it looks weird with those compartments. I was pretty excited to get it until I saw the compartments. Colorwise its gorgeous.
  3. agreed :angel:
  4. Each compartment is 5 inches long. Need I say more?
  5. Here's a pic, Jmen... 5 inches??? Can you even put your cell and wallet in it??

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  6. ^^not sure but i think judy meant its super fat...i saw the bag in real life and was sooo sad--waited forever for this red patent to come out and then i saw the bag sideways and it looks like two fat cheeks stuck together :sad:
  7. I guess I'm most curious about the color, is it overly bright and flashy??
  8. I think the color looks absolutely gorgeous. Such a shame. I was waiting for this bag too and didnt understand about the double compartments until I saw detailed pics. I didnt even bother to see it IRL. I didnt like it. At these prices, I have to absolutely LOVE LOVE the bag for me to get it.
  9. I think I confused folks a bit. There is this accordian style patent flap and the color is breathtaking, imo. Even hubby who professes to not like patent was the first to spy it on the back wall. I was focused on finding out how to resize the ultra ring. I couldn't keep my eyes and hands off the bag; it's that stunning; however, for me the major flaw is it's bulky. The patent doesn't allow it to compress so it's I refer to it as the bag on steriods.

    The same tdf color is on the double compartment 2.55 clutch (with chain, a small dainty one) is 10 inches or so in length. It has two mm clasps one on each side of the purse BUT each compartment is 5 inches in length. (The compartments are separate.) Imo, it's cute but non-functional.

    Then there is the 2.55 clutch that is akin to an e/w (but w/mm lock). Has the small chain BUT it does not come in the red, just metallic black and the navy patent.

    Finally, there is the very elongated 2.55 clutch that in the pics looks as long as French bread bagette. I think that comes in the red too. (My first take was is this French bread or a club' swing it or eat it, but not carry it around.) Oh well, the search for the ideal red, does it ever end?
  10. I love it. I saw this in Paris last month, & kept the SA's card thinking that I would return & get it. However, after doing lots of other shopping, I didn't get it. I wish that I had bought this one bag instead of all the other clothes, shoes, LV, etc. I really think the color is gorgeous in person. It is a bright red for sure, so if you don't like bright it is not for you. The side of the bag didn't bother me.
  11. Both myself and Lebagfairy have the blue and it's not that small at all. Have a look at the pics in the "blue" thread on the reference library. I really am a big bag girl, but find this fine for all my junk. Of course it's not the biggest but with the double compartments i find it fine. Not too fat at all either.
    They have a red one in Manchester and it is a real bright scarlet red. really pretty.
    The blue is kind of iridescent. Lebagfairy's pics capture this better than mine! ;)
  12. ^^ack...long day for me yesterday--didnt mean to offend anyone, it is definitely a gorgeous red color...i guess i was hoping for it to be just a simple timeless classic flap or even 2.55 reissue w/o the double compartments but im glad some other gals have found it to be both beautiful and useful!!
  13. Calisnoopy, I totally agree. How fab -- just a blazing red hot patent reissue!!

    Was so smitten with the color and all the rest except that dang stiff accordian bottom. I kept going back to try it on again and again. Was almost there but had it come home I know I would have sat on it to flatten it. Somehow I envision it still not going flat and the battle would rage on until one of us caved.
  14. ^^^ HAHAHHAHAH you're just hilarious judy--i just envisioned you trying to sit on the bag and get it to flatten it some...we still have to meet up sometime...if ur ever in the area we can meet even just for lunch since i know you dont like to stay around till rushhour (post work time)