Red or Beige

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  1. Red Caviar with SHW or Beige Caviar with GHW? any suggestions?


  2. Red!
  3. 12A red is seasonal and sold out in many places. Better get it.
  4. Red Red Red!!!
  5. Red
  6. Beige
  7. Red!
  8. Red.
  9. Definitely Red
  10. Red gives a pop of color. Beige is neutral & simply classy. I looove this beige & gold combo. I'll choose beige.
  11. Beige is available any time but the perfect red might not come along again for a long time. But it also depends on which color you'd get the most out of.
  12. If your adding a pop of color in your collection then I vote red!!! Beige, you can always get whenever. Also depends on which color you'll use more :smile:
  13. I adore gold hardware but 12a red is irresistible too :S beige is easier to match with outfits however red will stand out and like a lot of people mentioned 12a red was so popular it sold out really quickly I'd hate to make the choice but good luck
  14. It's a tough question. I'll get red coz this 12A red is hard to get. It sold out everywhere.
  15. Red.