Red Luggage ballet flats

  1. Is anyone familiar with the Red Luggage brand? They had some beautiful ballet flats that were very popular last year. I think the style was called "Zoe," but I can't seem to find them anywhere now. In fact, the entire brand seems to have disappeared.

    Does anyone know if they're still available?
    Red Luggage Zoe.jpg
  2. I'd like to know, too! Very cute!
  3. Yes, they're really cute. I bought a pair in blue velvet because they were on clearance. Worked out great because they were a perfect match for a Betsey Johnson dress I bought soon after.

    However, I regret not buying a couple of pair in the soft leather, and now I can't find them anywhere. Someone told me they were a Canadian company and that they've already gone out of business.

    If anyone knows a store that still has some of the leather ballet flats in stock, please let me know!