Red Lipstick

  1. I'm the girl who wears lipglosses all the time, I'm trying to get into lipsticks. I just bought my first red, and I don't know if it's too flashy? Do any of you girls not wear red lipstick or only wear red. Any tricks to make the color stay longer? and last question, if this one that i bought (chanel rouge allure in Brilliant) looks ok on me or is there one that you recommend?
  2. Try Chanel Lune Rousse--it's a definite red, but less orange, more subtle. You'll love it!
    Are those your lips in the photo? They look fabulous. But try Lune Rousse too--it's a good daytime red.
  3. Love Red!! Only wear red lipstick/gloss. I think I have tried every shade of red from every maker. Still looking for that perfect red......
  4. That color looks fabulous on you! Chanel really makes great lipsticks. I like Chanel's Soft Mink. It's very wearable for daytime. It's more of a plum/brown color. Very pretty! Check it out. I buy it a Sephora.
  5. I just bought the exact same color this weekend! You look great it in it!
  6. When I wear red, I wear Clinique's Angel Red. I feel it's flashy on me sometimes, but it also makes me look instantly "done" (if that makes sense) while the rest of me face could be totally bare.
  7. I love red lipstick! I buy them from Nars. I don't think it's too flashy if you keep the other parts of your face down. Just don't do black eyeliner and full-on foundation at the same time.

    A trick to make it stay on longer if to apply, dab away with a tissue, and then apply again. Benefit also makes a thingy called she-laq that is supposed to be awesome at keeping makeup on.
  8. Smashbox makes the best RED!!
  9. Red lipstick is like instant confidence for me! I don't wear lipstick all the time, but I really feel like a knock out when I do!
    BTW-those lips pictured are so amazing, are they yours??:amuse:
  10. those are my lips, and I will go look for some of the lipsticks you girls mentioned. I just realized it is a bit or an orangy red.
  11. I like red but I can't do bright red. I look very geisha.
  12. I love red lipstick. I wear Glam by Mac and line it with 977 by Dior. 977 is not a liner, so it gives it such dimension. Love it! Its my trademark.
  13. I love that lipstick on you:biggrin: . It is a bright,orangey red but it suits what I can see of your skintone and you have a wellshaped mouth.I love the texture,feel and colours of the new Chanel Rouge Allure range too!

    I use MAC lipstick in Russian Red when I'm feeling *really* brave...and I have Rouge Personnel in no 26 (I think) by YSL and Lune Rousse hydrabase lipstick by Chanel.

    I wear them very seldom...but I wouldn't be without:biggrin: .
  14. i like red lipstick!but lipsticks make me have allergic reactions though, so i can't put it on...:sorry:
    love how it looks on you!!
  15. I wish I could wear red lipstick. The right shade can make your teeth look whiter, really brighten up your face. It's so sophisticated! Yet when I wear it I look like a hooker straight outta Shanghai!