red hook bags on sale

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  1. there are two red Rouge Vif X2 Boston bag bags on sale for either $849 or $869 at Nordstroms sacramento. Down from $1450.00. Only two left, both are absolutly gorgeous and have great leather. Hurry! they are open until 9:30pm PST tonight!

    good luck
    ETA: I thought they were hook bags, but they are actually the same style that bluefly had yesterday (bluefly still has a brown one up).....they are the Rouge Vif X2 Boston bags. sorry!

    I think ceejay wanted one? where is she?
  2. fess up, who bought them. I was told today they were both charge send?
  3. Not me but my Mom has a white hook bag and she carried it yesterday and that thing is gorgeous! I love those bags. I will be searching for one exactly like hers. I love the silver hardware on the white bag.
  4. I would love to see a picture of someone carrying one.