Red handbag

  1. I am looking for a sophisticated red handbag under $200.00. Any suggestions?
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  3. "little more than 200" ? it's 595! haha

  4. LOL - I thought the same thing - I was excited because I saw the picture and thought, "Wow, that IS cute for a little more than 200..." then I clicked on the link and was like, "$300 more is NOT just a little more!" :p
  5. ^^ well I have no clue where you live so its 325$ on the site..
  6. I believe that the 300 is the British pound sterling price. It is $595 in American dollars (so sad).
  7. Maybe a Tano Boogie Bucket? That's well under $200 and very cute.
  8. I don't know if you consider this bag sophisticated or just a fun bag but what about the Lorca Turnlock by Hayden Harnett. The color looks gorgeous from the pictures Ive seen.
  9. I like this one from Lucky Brand. It's less than $200 on Zappos. It's casual though: