RED hair

  1. ok, i recently dyed my hair red, and the color is already fading..
    really fast. any suggestions on how to keep the color?...

    or maybe a way to make my hair more red again without dying it all over again and damaging it? :crybaby:
  2. Ah! I love reds! But they do fade quick!

    U can use a color protecting/maintaining shampoo. Wash ur hair less?

    I have experienced that reds aren't as damaging as blondes. So you should be okay with touching up a few weeks later.
  3. I was red for years...every shade under the sun...sadly red fades faster than any other color there is. I found Artec colored shampoo and conditioner very helpful...choose the color closest to your hair!!! OR Aveda has a great colored conditioner again pick your color and leave that stuff in for awhile before you really helps!!!
  4. i`m actually using a recommended shampoo from my stylist to keep my hair moisturized. this was my first time dying my hair :sweatdrop: haha. BUT i've also been using a "glaze" by John Frieda for red heads... and it's not helping all that much =|

    and yep, i`m trying not to wash my hair as much
  5. I have been coloring my hair red for many years. I use ARTEC Reds Color Depositing Moisturizer in Orange Marigold to keep it looking good. It is the best.
  6. I used Artec as well when my hair was on the reddish side--I think the color was cherry bark? They have a couple of reds from which you could choose, but that line kept the red and didn't damage my hair further.
  7. i second the artec suggestion. excellent at preserving color.
  8. There are some color glazing products on the market now at the drug store. One of them should be able to help deepen the color a little. A beauty supply store should have some professional strength ones.

    I have the opposite problem - I have dark brown hair with red undertones. Whenever I dye it it fades to red. I've been trying to get back to my real color for a while but can't stand the two tone look.
  9. I am having the opposite problem! I have dyed my hair many times, but last winter I decided to go really dark w/ a red "tint". Well, now, no matter what I do (I am back to blonde highlights) I can't get the red out!! There is a residual tint of red in the underneath layers of my hair..I am just letting it grow out while continuing to get the top highlighted. My hairdresser said that red is the hardest color to maintain and avoid fading, and the toughest one to get out. Good luck!!
  10. The color glazes that you buy at a beauty supply store are great.
    I did try to new Clairo glaze for blond hair and it felt like I put grease in my hair. It was horrible. My hair felt like it had this coating over it that totally grossed me out.