Red Dylan Sample Sale

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  1. Did anyone else have problems ordering this a.m.? I finally had to order from work - at home it just wouldnt work.

    I got the Dylan large bowler - I cant wait!

    I will be sure to post pics...
  2. Wow everything must have sold out fast or they didn't have very much =( I'm on the west coast and just woke up and everything's pretty much gone save 2 clutches.
  3. I ordered a dylan at 2 a.m. (could not sleep). I just checked & my order didn't go through. :crybaby:I was having technical difficulties :sad: Please post pictures of that gorgeous dylan.
  4. Could you tell me how much you got it for??

    I just went to the site. There were just two clutches left. :sad:
  5. I am so excited, lusting after these for a while and ordered my first LP at the red sample sale today...well, I ordered my first 3 because I dont know which i'll like. I got :

    tote 189
    shoulder 166.50
    small speedy 130.50

    plus, used discount code and the lpvip got about $75 off the total!

    I checked my email around 6am (it came in at 3am est) and all the bags were there, but they were gone by noon.

    Really excited, will post pics when they arrive.
  6. That's awesome!!!! I would have gotten that one too if anything, so pretty in the red!

    I can't believe how fast they sold out of things, they must have only had a limited amount!