Red Color Family...Pics Only!

  1. Please post any photos of Hermes bags in the related color family as titled.

    Please indicate the color name and leather in which you are posting.

    The purpose of this thread is to view color as it takes on the various leather types offered.

    This is a picture thread only...NO CHATTER! Thank you.
  2. Rouge H Niloticus Crocodile 28cm DRAG Bag
  3. Braise Alligator 27cm BOLIDE
  4. Rouge Garance JPG Shoulder Birkin Clemence
  5. Rouge Hermes Box Calf Sellier Kelly with white contrast stitching
  6. Rouge vif, taurillon clemence
    Rouge H, box
    Rouge Vif0001.JPG 32 Box Kelly Rouge H0001.JPG
  7. Just arrived ! Brand-new: 30cm vermillion swift w. PH

    123-2385_IMG.JPG me and Birkin_IMG.jpg casual wear_IMG.jpg
  8. 30cm Rouge H Box Birkin with Gold hardware.
  9. Rouge Garance 30 cm Birkin Togo, GH:
    Rouge Garance 01.JPG Rouge Garance 02.JPG
  10. Rouge H Clemence

  11. Rouge H Chevre de Coromandel with Palladium Hardware
  12. Rouge Clemence 32cm Kelly w/Palladium Hardware :heart:
    Red Kelly.jpg
  13. Epson Rouge Garance 30 palladium hw
    birkin 309.jpg birkin 333.jpg
  14. 35cm Birkin Rouge Clemence Palladium.

  15. Ck21's 35cm Rouge Vif Birkin in Chevre De Coramandel