Red Chloe paddy hunt! Any info??

  1. Heya'
    Im looking for a red Chloe paddy. Are there any retailers you know of that have any available?? Im not sure where to start:shame:
  2. They were on sale on net-a-porter! Unfortunately they have all sold out. You might want to keep an eye on that site incase there are returns. Great choice by the way! Beautiful colour!
  3. Hey thanks leanbeanee! I'll keep an eye out!
  4. N-A-P is the best place to start. I just bought one there myself & got it the day before yesterday! :yahoo: It's a fantastic color! Also, make sure you try the UK N-A-P site. They sometimes post things that the US site doesn't. I hope you find one!
  5. Thanks!! I tried and Im a little late as usual:roflmfao:
  6. I'll keep an eye out for you, Kimmie ;) Good luck on the search!

  7. Thanks Cristina!! I L:heart:VE you new blue beauty in you avatar!!:graucho: Im DYING for a red even though I have an 05' choco.......AHHHH it never over!:roflmfao:
  8. Thank you! :nuts: Yes, a paddy in red is a must-have. I'd love a loaf paddy in grenat :love:
  9. I thought I saw one at Nordstrom a week ago.
  10. My Nordies in Walnut Creek, CA has a rouge paddy satchel in stock.

    It's not on sale, however if you could get a print out of the NAP sale page they might PM it for you!!!
  11. Bellevue Nordstrom, also I asked about them at the Downtown store (flagship store) and they didn't have them on display when I went in but they told me they have them in the back and they have the standard colors (black, red, brown).
  12. Oh thank you so much HMWE46 and Laria!! As soon as they open this morning I'll give them a call.......hopefully I'll have great news!!!!
  13. ^ Good luck Ranskimmie. =)
  14. FYI
    Norstrom Bellevue has been requiring print-outs and verification that the bag is IN STOCK and on sale before they will price match.....