Red Bottegas!!

  1. :heart: I love the color red!:heart: I remembered that I had kept a few pictures of some bags from the outlet stores-they were emailed to me a few months back. Just wanted to share, to show you some pretty styles! :p :
    10-27-06 2.JPG 10-27-06 3.JPG 10-27-06 4.JPG 10-27-06 5.JPG 10-27-06 7.JPG
  2. OUTLET!?

    Red in an outlet!?

    I'd love an off price red BV!
  3. ^^OMG - soooo pretty! So are these past seasons bags?
  4. :nuts:

    Venetas in red?! How popping!!
  5. GASP...outlet? Say it isn't, say it IS SO! MORE details please Marly, don't just dangle the carrot sweetie!

    I'm hanging by a thread out here girls!! :wacko: :blink: This waiting until July thing may not WORK!! :ban:
  6. yes, we need more info! Did they have red wallets as well??

    p.s. WHERE ARE THE BV OUTLETS? i looked online and called the # - but it was disconnected????
  7. There are two outlets:
    The Cabazon Outlet in Palm Springs (951)849-0348
    The Woodbury Outlet in New York (845) 928-4563

    They usually sell the fashion colors, red, green, oranges, etc. but many of these colors can be found on the classic bags, like the Veneta. Above are pictures of both the regular and perforated lace Venetas (3rd and 4th pics). Also an Origami (1rst) and Ball Bag (2nd pic).These bags were in stock around X-mas time. Aren't they fun?:nuts:
  8. wowww... how much is the woodbury outlet usually give discount for BV bags?
  9. Thanks Marly for the pictures. I really like these red perforated lace Venetas (as compared to the red classic Venetas). The perforation provides the extra texture to balance out the eye popping colour of red! Not sure if I make sense. :nuts:
    Red Peforated Veneta.jpg
  10. i would love to know the same!! anyone know?:smile:
  11. WOW is right...they sure are bold! Super pretty and so BV. This is definitely a bag for the red lovers out there.
  12. About 30% off retail:yes:
  13. The bags in red are so beautiful. Thanks for posting Marly!
  14. WOW! These red bags are stunning, thanks for sharing them Marly. =)
  15. anybody know the prices?