Red Birkin Advice needed

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  1. Hi All:

    I talked to my SA today as she called me to see about a 35 cm BDP. I like the BDP and will get it. I asked her about a red one and she said that she has already asked "him" about it and there will probably be one at the end of the year. Now, I am not sure what leather/color of red. So I asked her if it was possible to specify what color/leather/hardware (if possible) and she said, well sure, go ahead and give me a wishlist and I will see what I can do.

    I LOVE red. It is my favorite color so I want to get this right. I like elegant reds (not too bright like lipstick reds) but not too dark like cabernet (I do love cabs though). I would be grateful if you can help me out.

    Rouge H or Rouge Vif in Box leather.
    Vache Liegee - Rouge Garance, Brique, Rouge H
    Togo - Rouge Garance, Rouge H

    Would you recommend any other leathers? I don't want another Clemence and no epsom or exotic either.

    Any advice, guidance, links to threads will be useful. I have been reading different threads for over 4 hours now and my head is SPINNING!!!!!!
  2. Sounds like Rouge H is the red for you in which ever leather you love most.
  3. Rouge H is a dark red, but it is pretty on Box leather.
    In my area, Vache Liegee is most hard to get leather so far.
  4. I will search for pictures of Rouge H in Box. I have a togo, a clemence, so a box would be a welcome addition hopefully with GHW.
  5. Here is my 35 Rouge H in Vache Fjord with PHW

    CS 028.jpg
  6. oh my dou.dou, you take gorgeous photos!!
  7. oh my THAT bag is gorgeous! i want one! too bad it's sold :smile:

    i vote rouge H in box.
  8. zoopla, I'm trying to decide on a red myself so I get you when you say your head is spinning lol.. However, I'm trying to decide on a brighter red though with all the reds that H has, we are definitely spoilt for choice!

    I noticed that the reds do come out a little darker on the box(well this was what I noticed going through the leather book at the boutique). I wanted a classic red and thought rouge vif was the way to go but was dissapointed to see that rouge vif on a box is pretty dark. So you may want to consider one shade lighter maybe.. but don't quote me I could be so wrong on this being a non expert and all. Did you manage to go through the red color thread yet? You'll see all of tpf member's red bags, it is quite helpful. Good Luck!
  9. Sounds like you want a true red color. You can cross off brique as that is more orangy and not red in the least. Lovely color, but really not red. Rouge H in box is my fav..with GH of course though!!
  10. :yahoo::drool::woohoo::shrugs::graucho::graucho::graucho:

    I wonder who bought it.

  11. ^^LOL! not me unfortunately! i'd love a 28 box kelly though! one of these days...
  12. What color?

    psst...I have the 32 and 35 on hold for 24 hours. One has to complete payment in 24 hours so I have 24 hours to choose between this



    I did that by accident. I thought if I clicked on Buy, it would take me to the shopping cart! Anyway, I will decide quickly so that I release one of them.

    I am leaning towards the 32, seems to be in better condition--even the sticker on the hardware is still on.
  13. Agree that rouge H is best in box, but be careful it looks brick reddish brown in several leather
  14. congrats Zoopla!!! i like the 32 better as well but am not a big fan of large kelly bags...just me. if you like it how will this affect your red birkin search?