Red Bedford ..tow colors ..which one is the right red??

  1. Hello every body ... i need your help please ..

    iam thinking to buy a bedford with the new 07 Pomme d'Amour color .. i searched and .. both have this color but they seems different for me :;jsessionid=QW2B4PYKJHYZECRBXUDVAFYKEG4RAUPU?buy=0&langue=en_US

    which one is the right shade?? eluxury's looks a very strong red while vuuitton's looks brighter !! :confused1:

    i want to make sure since i will make the order by phone & will not have the chance to see it by my eye :sad:

    thanks in advance
  2. sorry ..... i attached the tow pictures..
    eluxurys bedford.jpg vuittons bedford.jpg
  3. It depends on the light it is in, but eLuxury shows the depth of the real color.'s is in much more direct light. HTH!! BTW, Bedfords are FANTASTIC!!
  4. ^Just the ligthing. If you want to avoid buying the wrong red make sure you get one that says Pomme d'Amour. Good luck!
  5. Sonic Peaches & pinkiwhatever99 : Thanks alot :flowers: i very appreciate your help :heart:
  6. I'd buy the Pomme d'Amour one! I have a bag in the old red (Rouge) and it's gorgeous, but you can't beat this new color. It's so rich.
  7. I also think it's the lighting! The Pomme Bedford is BEAUTIFUL! Are you going to get it?
  8. I agree :yes: .. that's why i want to make sure before geting it .. because i will make the order by phone ..

    thanks for your reply :smile:
  9. yes hopefuly 2 months later :p :crybaby: ..
    can't afford it now thats because of my blush chanel :heart:

    thanks for you reply :heart:
  10. the new red is amazing...I would make sure to get the newest red.
  11. Here is some natural lighting of the (old)red *rouge* and the new Pomme.
    Not the bedford but you'll get the idea.
    362603886_6d9d3010c5.jpg Azu20Red0trio.jpg IMG_0187.jpg rouge vernis bedford_wm.jpg IMG_5518i.jpg
  12. Thanks !! :heart:
  13. OMG i didn't expect it to be that hot :heart: :heart: !!
    now from your pix i see the differences .. the pomme is so hot .. gorgeous :heart: :yahoo:
    i want it so bad nowwww ...
    thanks alot for your reply / pix .. it make it easy for me now .. :flowers: :love: