recs for wine colored heels to wear with this black halo jackie o dress

  1. i want to recreate kelly ripa's look...any recs for TDF wine colored shoes like hers?

  2. Where did you buy that dress?
  3. at when it was on major sale :smile: i'm finally getting a chance to wear it! yay...just need tdf shoes
  4. omg, you're so lucky! do you mind me asking how much Saks reduced it for?
  5. Well if you want Kelly Ripa's exact shoes, I'm pretty sure they're CL Sevillana d'Orsay pumps. BTW I LOVE that Black Halo dress but too bad it fits me really weird (it fits certain body types well.....really have to try it on in person....but just fitted me in all the wrong places, so sadly I had to return it). You can still order the black one from HotterThanHollywood (where I got my originally, albeit at full price).
  6. I bought mine from Saks as well. You can also find it at I love that dress!!!

    I usually wear it with my brian atwood pink/black zebra pony hair d'orsays.
  7. How is the fit on the dress? Would you say it's on the smaller side or bigger side? I'm 5'2" and usually wear size 4 - do you think I can pull it off?
  8. black halo is having a sample sale in LA on Nov. 16 & 17th! I have to hit up that sale. I heard that is no longer accepting returns. BOO!

    as for shoes, i love this color by stuart weitzman
  9. That particular Black Halo dress (the "Jackie-O" dress) is definitely cut on the smaller side. I'd suggest ordering one or two sizes from an online store that accepts returns (such as HotterThanHollywood) and trying them on to see for yourself. For me, the XS was too loose on the top but tight on the bottom, so I guess it just wasn't suited for my body type...too bad b/c I loved how that dress looked in photos.
  10. Do you have a pic of the shoes? i'd love to see!

  11. yes! here they are ...

  12. I am anywhere from a size 2-6 and I tried that on in a small as it was the only size available at the store I was at. It was incredibly snug and I couldn't even zip it up all the way to the top. :crybaby: Talk about crushing the self esteem. Love the silhouette on it though!
  13.'s stock is backordered until December.