reco's for SA? Newbie needs help

  1. Looking for anyone at any of the stores that sell CL's that are knowledgable and friendly. Please can you recommend some people to call. I need to find a pair of shoes, and I can use a lot of help. TIA
  2. Hi there!
    I just dealt with Danny at Sak's in Bal Harbour Florida. I think there may be more than one Danny but I am not sure which one I dealt with. He was very helpfull and called me back when he said he would. btw I live in Toronto.
    This is my first purchase as well!
  3. Thanks for the info. I am going to give him a call. And good luck to you. Did he have what you were looking for? How are you deciding what size to order?
  4. I was looking for Patent Nude Yoyo's in size 38.5. I couldn't decide on heel height. He was actually the only SA from Sak's that could tell me the difference. I spoke with SA from Sak's in Michigan, LA and another in Florida and they had no idea what size heel they had in stock.
    Danny advised me to get the 110 and noticed that a few were coming in by the end of the week. He said he would call me as soon as they got in and he actually did!! First time for me that a SA called back when they said they would!

    I didn't ask about sizing though so I am a bit worried. I just decided to go half a size up from my normal size. although I range from 7.5 to 8. I can't tell anymore since I had a baby 15 months ago.

    Good Luck to you!

    What are you looking for??
  5. my friend Alisha works at the CL boutique in LA. She is really sweet and would more than happy to help you. Tell her Dana set you if you call!
  6. If youcan't reach Danny try Ryan at Saks in NYC- 212.753.4000 ext. 7138
  7. Carlynn Hundley at Neiman Marcus in Charlotte, NC is FANTASTIC and she will find anything for you. I have only been working with her for 2 months and she already knows exactly what styles I would like and the perfect sizes that will fit me. If you are on a hunt for a particular shoe that NM carried, she loves the challenge to find it. Amazingly she finds it!!!

    Carlynn Hundley 704-442-7900 x2127 Tell her Stephanie Lynn sent you.:tup:
  8. Don't want to bore everyone again with my hunt. It is in this thread

    hope your shoes fit. Please post pics when you get them. And congrats on the baby. My feet definitely got bigger after my kids!
  9. Thanks Lynn, I just called for her and she is off till wednesday. If I don't find them by then, I will call back.

    I called for Danny at Bal Harbour, but they asked me which one and I had no clue, so I spoke to the guy who answered the phone and he definitely did not want to go out of his way to help me. Wouldn't check the computer, and made no effort to hide the fact that he could care less about me.

    So keep those suggestions coming. I will keep calling.
  10. I am going to look up the number now and try your friend, and ronsdiva, I will certainly try Saks if these guys don't come up with it. Never hurts to hit all the biggies. Thanks so much girls, I appreciate the help.
  11. I also reccomend Alisha she is soooo sweet. Also in NYC Horatio St Michael is great
  12. Christine Arieno at Neiman Marcus
    Sales Associate_Ladies Shoes
    3200 Las Vegas Boulevard South, Suite 100
    Las Vegas, Nevada 89109
    Telephone: 702-731-3636 Ext. 2168
    Cellular: 702-860-1537
    Toll Free: 800-288-7741
    In Store: Thursday - Monday
    Primary E-Mail: or

    Christine is such a sweetheart..i got her contact info from another tpfer..she replies very promptly and will find you the shoes you ask for

    Dave Sheehan (saks chicago)
    phone: (630) 750-8007

    i finally got his contact info from cjy (thanks girl!) dave sent me a slideshow of the shoes that they have in store..i already told him to text/email me asap when they arrive:smile:

    ***tell them Chary sent you..they are both so nice and so helpful..good luck!
  13. Oooh I am soo sorry you had to deal with that! The only way I found him was by saying "the Danny that helped the girl from Canada"...
  14. Christine is the best! She is my girl for NM and I have one for saks!!!