Recommendations for Credit Cards

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  1. I carry at least 15 cards (includes credit, medical cards, library, etc.), along with my checkbook. All of the wallets I've seen don't have enough slots to carry that many. I have a Manhattan PM so I don't want to carry a bulky wallet because space is such a premium for me.

    The wallet doesn't have to be a LV but I would like to carry something that looks classy.

    Any recommendations? Thanks for your help.
  2. Here it is! :love:

    I just counted how many credit cards I carry...I have 12 plus a couple of movie tickets and business cards and some receipts. This should fit your needs perfectly.
  3. Then do you carry something separate for your checkbook?
  4. This is great! I carry a ton of cards too and this is a great solution.
  5. I use a Coach wristlet to carry all those cards in. It's the perfect size, and doesn't take up a lot of room in my bag.
  6. I use a black leather Coach cover for my check book. :flowers:
  7. Thanks for this suggestion! I am sick of using my Wapity to hold all my extra cards.
  8. Wish I could help, but do to this PF I now carry the least amount of credit cards possible due to my LV spending....:roflmfao: :whistle:
  9. LOL lv_mama!
  10. I use a Coach wristlet too.