Recommendations for chanel purchase $700 and under

  1. Hi Darlings!

    Lately I have been browsing the forums for recently purchased chanels. You girls have some lovely collections! I was just wondering about your recommendations for buying something at chanel for under $700. I decided to put myself on a budget. :yucky:
    Sorry for being so forward, money wise.

    Thanks in advance,
    Chanelfemme :smile:
  2. well theres heapsa costume jewlery that you can buy for under 700 mainly earrings and simple necklaces! Or get yourself a pearl necklace its very very nice :biggrin:

    I believe some wallets and scarves shoes bracelets can all be bought under 700! some of the scarves are tdf and you can wear it different ways (as a headband around your neck or even on a handbag to make it look more intresting!

    If you're talking about bags I'm not sure perhaps a small clutch.....although they seem to be getting more expensive these days
  3. i really like the rhinestone/crystal? logo earrings. they are sooo cute and are only about $200 or so, so you would definitely be under your budget!
  4. You could get a nice wallet. I dont think there are any bags/clutches under 700 but i could be wrong. You could also get a pair of flats for about $500.
  5. for the price i dont think u can get any purse but u can get some accesories....earrings..necklace ...wallet...etc
  6. I would get some pretty accessories! :smile: For example, the pearl icon earrings are something like $175... you could get a nice necklace too... ballet flats are around $445... and there are some gorgeous silk scarves in the $200-300 range. I have a gorgeous pearl necklace some ladies here also have that goes for $695. :smile: Also, you can get a really nice wallet for under $700... a classic wallet it always nice, and you can also check out the new cotton club ones (I have my eye on the bronze haha)! Have fun Chanel shopping!! :smile:
  7. MM the pearl necklace :p *droolage*
  8. I adore the Chanel pearl necklace. Very pretty, versatile and classic.

    That said, if what you are really after is a bag, save that $700 until you can afford to spend more. I think it's silly to buy an item that you aren't actually head over heels for simply so you can own something with the name of Chanel.
  9. You could definitely get some accessories but I too recommend that you save up for a purse that you LOVE.
  10. :yes::yes::yes: i agree!
  11. if u save up some more u can get a paris biarritz tote for $995!! :yes:
  12. $700 for a chanel. that sounds nice. i wish that was the world we all lived in.
  13. DANG INFLATION!! lol!!

    its like i gotta get to my 1500 savings mark for my next bag its so hard
  14. Can I just ask, are the pearls used in Chanel jewellery real or costume?
  15. ^^ costume. if you save up 300 more you can get a pochette or paris B tote.