Recommend any nice carry on lugguage?

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  1. I can't decide if I want a duffel bag or a small lugguage with wheels. Of course I want something that fits within the limit 22x14x9. I was thinking about getting a LV damier keepall 50 or 55?? I also was considering a samsonite black label lugguage in the flower print or bric's hardcase. I just need some suggestions on what would be a really good carry on lugguage and easy to get in the overhead compartment and would carry a good amount. I'm living overseas for about an year or two so I would like to fit as much as I can in without trouble carrying it around in the airport.

    Anyone who has the keepalls, what size do you have and how has it worked for you as a carry on?

    Thanks for your suggestions!!
  2. I have an LV carryall but never use it. I also have a couple from Samsonite black label and they are ok. My best luggage buy though is the Longchamp Boxford. It barely weighs 2 lbs, easily fits into the overhead compartment, and packs a lot for something so compact. You may want to look at it. There is a leather version as well but it is a bit heavier than the canvas/fabric one. Mine has traveled to Europe, the US, and all around Asia and still looks new.
    I will also normally carry a Large Le Pliage tote with me. Between those two you could certainly haul a ton.
  3. I got my 22" expandable frequent traveler wheeling carry-on Tumi from TJ Maxx and LOVE it. It's worth paying full price if you have to, but luckily there are Tumi outlets and even the Tumi site has a sale right now. It fits overhead in all but the tiniest planes.

    don't be put off by the price on the site - you can find it cheaper. I believe TJM had it for $199 when I bought it (in black, yes, not a weird color)

    for what goes under the seat in front of me, that depends on if it's business or pleasure travel and how long the flight is. If it's a short flight and I just need a book, I can stuff everything into a bag with one compartment. If it's business and I need to use the carry-on as a purse/briefcase, I take something different.

    For vacation I take a Gucci bag similar to this - it's a hobo shape and the top part w/ handle folds down so you can smoosh it under the seat in front of you.

    For business I take a large purse or backpack with a computer section, similar to one of these:
  4. Hi hipnycmom, my husband, daughter and I just got back from a trip, so I'm really curious because I realized we need to clean up our act luggage-wise. I'd like to look a little sharper at the airport! I'm on the Longchamp website and am wondering which models you are using on both the Boxford and Le Pliage tote. Thanx!
  5. :smile:I would get both, a duffel (leather or canvas) from Tumi, Banana Republic also makes very, very, nice duffels and or small hand luggage. i adore Tumi, because they are first place when it comes to making luggage. I would aslo recommend a 20' 1620 ballistic nylon with wheels, yes. Tumi does make those products. But, i see good things come from Delsey, and ricardo of beverly Hills Luggage. If u have a T.J. Maxx or Marshalls nearby check them out, in the luggage section u may have to dig a little bit, but it is worth it. Also, if u have a Tuesday Morning retail store check them out, they have Ralph Lauren Luggage u may find to your liking.:smile:
  6. i like tumi for wheeled luggage, but for my carryon, you couldnt pry my longchamp pliage tote out of my hands. theyre just the right size and fold out of the way when u get there
  7. Yes tumi is good I have regular luggage already I'm just looking for a carry on. I have been to a couple places this week and haven't found one and I already checked out tumi and samsonite. A while back I was going to get a longchamp but decided I wanted a canvas or leather type of duffel. I have a habit of sitting on my lugguage on the curb lol. I'm still comparing small wheelies or duffles I haven't decided what I want yet. I'm going to look some more this weekend hopefully I find one.
  8. i dont know about u but a personal favourite of mine is like the balenciaga work or weekender :smile:
  9. i know longchamp has canvas duffels that look just like their pliage line. i think its boxford? for me, id rather have a wheeled duffel rather than a hand held one. the more hands i have available to me at the airport, the better
  10. For sheer practicality, Rimowa makes a nice lightweight wheeled trolley. It's made of a flexible material that returns to its form after it's been bent or put under pressure.

    For luxury/looks and quality, Globetrotter Orient Trolley. It's just beautiful (looks better in person, naturally). See