reckless spending temptations

  1. so everyone is out and about at the malls or shopping centers this time of year. we are on a mission to buy the perfect gift for the people on our list. i know that while i am looking for something for someone i manage to find something for myself that i want, but i cant give in to buying it either due to my budget or in this case it was just to rediculous for me to get this for myself even though i really wanted it but knew i didnt need it.

    so here it is..

    yes, i wanted a hello kitty water cooler:shame:

    so what temptations have you wanted to give in or have given in during your christmas shopping??
  2. Oh that sooo cute!
    love it.
  3. SOOO cute! LOL

    I buy clothes and shoes like crazy :biggrin: My parents pay for everything..but thank goodness for rich parents. heh heh
  4. LMao!!
    Loves it!

    Unfortunately.....I had Prada send me a bunch of clothes(coat and dress) that I cant live without...sigh...Xmas shopping is soooooo bad for me...I shop WAY too much!!HEEHEE!!!!Its like the one time of year I remember every little thing I ever wanted!!LOL!
  5. Love the HK water cooler! OK, well I've been reeeeally really good so far this fall b/c I just got a new job after being unemployed all summer and I really want to get my savings back up to where it was earlier, LOL. In fact, I haven't purchased any bags since September, woo hoo!

    However, now it's shopping time again and along with gifts for everyone I snagged a pair of Fendi silly in Seattle in winter but they are fabulous and hey who knows I might get taken away on a caribbean holiday before I go to Vegas in late January...or a girl can dream, right??
  6. That's SO cute!!

    I went out today just to start looking for Christmas and came home with an iPhone.... for myself :roflmfao: but I did pick up the hubby a driving hat for his new car
  7. awww so cute. I wouldnt have been able to resist either lol.

    so cute. Im never good, I dont think Christmas is gonna help much either lol ;)
  8. That is toooo cute! I have been remarkably restrained this season and that is unuaual for me.
  9. I have two pottery shows coming up, one on Friday of this week and another one on Saturday (what are the odds :biggrin:). I have no doubt decent sums of money will be blown at both, lol, I'm a total sucker for pottery. Luckily, I have everyone's Christmas wishes down now, and I'll do one day of item shopping soon and then one day of gift-basket shopping after that (family of food lovers, local foods and Dean and Deluca abound). And in between, I'll stop in at Douglas Furs, for me :whistle: Hey it's cheaper than an Hermes!!!
  10. I have tried to be so strict with my own buying this semester, only picking up things that I actually need for my wardrobe (and I've made a very specific list), but I just got my first pair of Tory Burch flats and now I want about a dozen more! Lol, I only need ONE pair, I got the navy and that will be plenty, but I want black, and silver, and gold, and leopard, and pink, and green, and orange, oh man, I'm getting all jittery just thinking about it :sweatdrop: We'll see, I *may* pick up another pair for my birthday, I just love them so much, but they are so expensive for flats!

    I'm almost done with Christmas shopping, just two gift cards to buy, so at least all that is taking care of. Friends and family come first, then my beloved Tory Burch.
  11. i need that cooler! its so adorable :smile:

    bhaha yes i have reckless spending disorder....